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A compression program creates a package of files, one file that is less space on your hard drive taking. This is especially useful when you want to share files with others and when you want to archive. 7-Zip is a free compression program.

7-Zip is an open source compression program that you can download for free. It is a user friendly program that can handle many different compression formats. You can see both files from the zip files to decompress (unzip).

In addition to commonly used compression formats such as ZIP and RAR supports 7-Zip the 7z format (identified by the file extension .7z). As a 7z archive files may be 30 to 70% less to be saved than ZIP files. According to the developers are zip files created with 7-Zip 2 to 10% smaller than zip files created by other compression utilities.

The compression software 7-Zip the 2007 award for open-source software won in the categories "Best Project" and "Technical Design". 7-Zip is only suitable for Microsoft Windows. It's free for both personal and business use. Are you looking for a slightly more user-friendly initiative with more features? Then take a look at Easy 7-Zip.

7-Zip supports the following file formats:

  • 7Z; compression in the 7Z format is 30-50% better than ZIP format
  • ARJ *
  • BZIP2
  • CAB *
  • CHM *
  • CPIO *
  • CramFS *
  • DEB *
  • DMG *
  • FAT *
  • GZIP
  • HFS *
  • ISO *
  • LZH *
  • LZMA *
  • MBR *
  • MSI *
  • NSIS *
  • NTFS *
  • RAR
  • RPM *
  • SquashFS *
  • TAR
  • UDF *
  • VHD *
  • WIM *
  • XAR *
  • XZ
  • Z *
  • ZIP

* = extract only

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