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Download free Anti-theft for Windows 10

As a laptop or smartphone is not only a valuable possession, but there are also a lot of personal information up, it is very annoying if it is stolen. There are free programs which alert you when these are stolen, and you can help in the detection of the offender by the photos and the location.

On this page you will find an overview of free anti theft software for both laptops and smartphones.


Prey is a free anti-theft program for all the major operating systems for laptops, tablets and smartphones. After the program has installed, you can operate through the internet on your account or by SMS sending.

Prey has the following characteristics:


iAlertU is a free program that is an alarm to let off on the basis of movements that can be measured via the Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) built into your MacBook.

After iAlertU is enabled and someone the MacBook tries to move, the alarm goes off. The alarm consists of an audible beep and a flashing screen. The alarm remains active when the screen is closed. You can also set the alam is activated when the mouse or keyboard is used. With the built-in camera can iAlertU to take photos of the thief who is behind the laptop. These photos, along with the location is sent to a preset e-mail address.

iAlertU has the following characteristics:

  • free anti-theft software on the basis of built-in motion sensor,
  • photos of the thief with the built-in camera and send it to your e-mail address,
  • only suitable for Apple MacBook laptops.

Download and install one of the versions programs Anti-theft for Windows 10.

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