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A panorama is a picture that is much more in the width shows then a regular photo. You can take this a landscape or a cityscape much more complete capture. The field of view of a man is much wider than with a normal image is captured.

Digital still cameras usually have non-standard a panorama feature. By using a camera different photos of the surrounding area, which are partially overlapping, you can with a special computer program, this "stick" to one panorama. On this page you will find a list of free panorama software.


Hugin is an open source program for-angle, panoramic photography. Allows you multiple regular photos automatically one large panoramic picture. The software is now out of the betafase so suitable for general use. Moreover, it is translated into several languages, including Dutch.

To create a panoramic picture, you have to select photos which can be joined together. You must all the photos be made from the same position and they have to each other partially overlap. That way the program can recognize where the photos are stuck together. Then you must be on consecutive photos indicate on which points it to each other (approximately) overlap. Unlike some other software offers Hugin also many tools to the image to optimize. You can also settings for adjusting the exposure, crop the picture or use a mask.

This project is actively maintained and there are regularly new updates are released. When you're looking for an open source panoramaprogramma then you need to Hugin a try. You can install the program on all popular operating systems.

Hugin has the following characteristics:

Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor (abbreviated as ICE) is a free computer program that allows you to from your own digital photos from the same position are taken one large panoramic picture can create. The software is offered by Microsoft and is only suitable for its own Windows operating system.

To get a good panoramic picture, to be able to make the photos that you take are partially overlapping. On the basis of the overlapping points at different photos can Image Composite Editor to determine the position of the images pasted together.

The with Image Composite Editor created panoramas can be saved in the file formats BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. In addition, an image can also export directly to the website of Photosynth to this online to share with others.

Windows 7 users can directly from a video file, save images and stick them together.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor has the following features:

  • various digital photos to a large panoramic picture create,
  • high resolution panoramic photos to save in BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF format,
  • offered by Microsoft and available for Windows only.


The program AutoStitch was often included when you get a new digital camera bought. The free version is only suitable for Windows and offers limited functionality. The can photos merge without can adjust the settings. The technology of AutoStitch is, however, used in several other commercial computer programs.

Also, is there an app offered for the iPhone, but this is unfortunately paid. Moreover, this app also not much use to you since Apple itself from iOS6 a panorama feature as a standard part of the operating system offers.

AutoStitch has the following characteristics:

  • basic functions for creating a panorama image,
  • free version only available for Windows desktops,
  • paid mobile app available for iOS (iPhone and iPad).


Photosynth is a program that is offered free by Microsoft. It is suitable for Windows desktops, and there are also mobile apps for iOS and Windows Phone. Just like the other programs on this page adds Photosynth several ordinary digital photos together to a panorama.

What this service special is that the created image easy geƫmbed can be on a web page. When you view the photo on the Photosynth website, you can this on every other web page, embed a piece of code to copy and paste.

Photosynth has the following characteristics:

  • ability to the created panoramic photos to embed on a website,
  • available for Windows, iOS,and Windows Phone
  • offered by Microsoft.


In contrast to the other software in this list, you can WPanorama no panoramic photos to create. You can use the Windows program to use panoramic photos to display.

Normally, it is difficult to panormafoto's good on a computer screen to watch as it's quite wide. With WPanorma you can view the photos in full size scroll the screen. Photos may be horizontal or vertically on the screen to move.

WPanorama can the screen saver be set so that your photos automatically on the screen move.

WPanorama has the following characteristics:

  • panoramic photos at full size on the screen, scrolling,
  • can be set as screen saver,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.

Download and install one of the versions programs Panorama software for Windows 10.

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