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Lately there has been much to do about the companies that your behavior on the websites are trying to follow. As the Second Chamber of the controversial cookie law adopted whereby every web site, the visitor must clearly inform you about what information about users is stored.

When you influence want to have on the companies that you may or may not do follow then you can use one of the browser plugins in this install list.


When you insight want to get in the way in which companies your behavior on the internet than you can use the browser plugin Ghostery's install.

This plugin contains a database with 1,300 trackers that they follow. It gives you an overview of the ad networks, publishers, and statistiekbedrijven you trackers try to place. Each of these 1,200 firms, of has Ghostery a profile created which you can read more about the technology, the company itself and the applicable rules of conduct.

The plugin gives you the choice to use all the trackers to block, or just individual organisations. You can also configure the plugin to use only to gain insight into which companies you follow without blocking.

Ghostery is not only available for browsers on the Mac and on Windows, but also for the iPhone and the iPad. This iOS app is directly a browser. You can use this app to use as a replacement for the default Safari browser. The mobile browser has the same features as the browser plugin for deskops. The information about the trackers on a site, trackers block and information about the underlying companies show.

Ghostery has the following characteristics:


Blur is a free browser plugin for all popular browsers (including Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari) and mobile app for Android and iOS. This service automatically blocks all trackers. Per individual tracker can then be indicated whether or not it is allowed. Also, for certain sites, blocking all the trackers be removed.

Blur is the new name for the service of DoNotTrackMe. Blur is more because DoNotTrackMe is merged with other tools when the new name has been adopted. Blur can, for example, automatically have a strong generate password when signing up for a new service and e-mail addresses and credit card information masking. So get the sites where you enter data not the real data.

When you are on your tablet or smartphone trackers want to block, then you must surf via the mobile app of Blur. This does show the service as the browser. Just like the plugin for laptop browsers, you can within the settings of the app individual trackers to block or allow.

For many advanced functions to users of Blur pay. The premium version makes it possible to view all the data, such as passwords, account names and tracker settings automatically synchronize between your tablets, smartphones and laptops.

For anyone who is looking for a way to more insight and control over trackers (and your privacy) is to Blur a absolute must.

Blur has the following characteristics:

  • free trackers blocks on laptops, smartphones and tablets,
  • automatically create strong passwords for new accounts,
  • e-mail addresses and credit card information masking to prevent abuse,
  • by default, data in a web forms will automatically enter
  • available for all popular browser types (o.a. IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox),
  • mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets on Android or iOS run.

Download and install one of the versions programs Tracker block for Windows 10.

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