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If you want fun racing games play on the PC but you have no desire to dig deep into their pockets to grope? On this page you will find different types of racing games described.

An overview of the best free download racing games.


VDrift is a open source driving simulator. The free game, it focuses in particular to the art of drifting.

Here is your goal for the car is forced into oversteer, and this as long as possible to maintain. This slides the virtual car sideways through a turn which leads to the spectacular images and sounds.

In this demo release contains tracks that are based on famous courses in the real world. Also, the virtual cars look like race cars at real races, be used.

VDrift has the following characteristics:

  • free car racing game,
  • focus on drifting through the corners,
  • compete against cars controlled by the computer to be controlled,
  • operation with mouse, joystick, racewiel or keyboard,
  • open source game available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Ultimate Stunts

Ultimate Stunts is a remake of the famous DOS-game "Stunts". For many people it was Stunts in 1990, the first acquaintance with a racing game on the computer. The nice thing about this game was that gamers themselves a race track could be designed with loops, bends, bridges, etc. This self-created jobs could be saved at a later time against other players in a race to keep up.

The original is not further developed version of Stunts is on some sites as a free download. The maker of Ultimate Stunts wild there is also an open source version to develop. The source code of this software is freely available and other game developers are allowed to customize them, and possibly himself again under an open source license.

Ultimate Stunts provides a number of additional features over the original. These include 3D sound, and a multiplayers mode via the internet against others struggles. Also the design is greatly improved by the CGA/EGA/VGA graphics to be replaced by the OpenGL graphics.

Ultimate Stunts is suitable for all popular desktop operating systems.

Ultimate Stunts has the following characteristics:

  • free car race game for desktop pcs,
  • available under the GNU open source license,
  • gaming experience is similar to that of the classic "Stunts",
  • suitable for all popular desktop operating systems.


SuperTuxKart is an open source racing game for Windows, Mac and Linux. The developers of this game have clearly inspired by Mario Kart where the design and performance characteristics very similar.

With this game you need to against other animals in a go-kart racing. The karts are governed by, among other things, a pig, a moose, a panda bear and a goat. Yourself also choose an animal from which the kart is to drive. In the first place it is game there, of course, first to the finish line to finish.

Along the way you must pick up objects that you have extra points you can earn. Your opponents make it hard by things such as gum, and bowling alleys on the way to throw. These objects you have to avoid because otherwise your speed is slowed.

The game can be played in both a single - player as multiplayer mode. It is not (yet) possible to race against others via an internet connection, but you can with up to four people on one computer to play. In addition, you can against the computer, racing, or your highest score, try to improve in a race against the clock.

SuperTuxKart has the following characteristics:

  • open source kart racing game,
  • with and against other species of animal racing,
  • similar to the paid game of Mario Kart,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Torcs is open source racing game for Mac, Windows and Linux. The name of the game is an acronym which stands for The Open Racing Car Simulator.

You can choose from different cars and tracks. You can choose from different types of cars, from vintage cars to formula 1 cars. There are also different sites where additional cars and courses are offered. The program also contains tools that you can use circuits to design.

Torcs has the following characteristics:

  • open source racing game,
  • itself circuits or designing additional circuits download from the internet,
  • choose from many different cars,
  • available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World is a free version of this popular game series of EA. This racing game is suitable only for Windows computers.

After installation and creating your account, you can race against other players from all over the world. For some extra programs such as special cars will need to be paid, but all of the basic features of the game are free.

Need for Speed World has the following characteristics:

  • free racing game,
  • online against other players, racing,
  • offered by EA,
  • only suitable for Windows.

Speed Dreams

Speed Dreams is an open source racing game for Windows and Linux computers. A full version for Mac OS is in development and already 95% ready. The project is looking for volunteers who want to help for the Mac version to complete.

The game is three-dimensional and very beautifully designed. It does not subject for a lot of paid racing games.

Speed Dreams is based on the open source racing program of Torcs. Speed Dreams features several different racing tracks visually better designed, effects have been added (for example, smoking tires), and extra cars added to the original Torcs game.

This game can be done in different way to be controlled, among others, through a loose steering wheel with pedals, a joystick, or a keyboard.

Speed Dreams has the following characteristics:

  • free racing game,
  • 3D view of cars and racetracks,
  • choose from 28 different cars and 21 circuits,
  • suitable for Window and Linux (Mac OS version is in development),
  • open source license.

Download and install one of the versions programs Race game for Windows 10.

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