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One of the biggest expenses of a mobile subscription is the data usage. Where to call and send sms text messages through the years, becoming cheaper is to become the carriers of their profit, now get out of the databundels for mobile internet. When you over the monthly limit of your plan goes, you should very much pay per additional megabyte, or is the internet speed is very greatly reduced.

Without an unlimited internet plan, it is important for the mobile consumption to be monitored and, where possible, to reduce. The apps on this page will help you to save on your mobile data usage.


Onavo is a free mobile app that helps you save on your mobile internet usage. It does this by after installation, your connection to pass through the servers of the Onava network. On these servers, the transmitted data is continuously compressed so less data needs to be sent.

In addition to the phone itself, a cache is created in which images of web sites that you visit often and information of apps that you frequently used can be saved. Therefore, this information does time and time again via the internet are requested to be, what significantly saves on the actual data usage. You can set what percentage of the storage space on your smartphone you available for this cache memory.

Within the app is constantly maintained which databesparing Onavo has produced. So you can keep track of or use of this apps is useful for you.

Onavo is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Onavo has the following characteristics:

  • save money on mobile internet usage,
  • connection running through a VPN server of Onavo,
  • automatic compression of received data,
  • commonly used to store information in cache memory,
  • versions for Android and iOS.

Opera Max

Opera Max is a free data saving app from the makers of the Opera browser. This app helps owners of an Android smartphone to their mobile data usage to manage and save. Just like Onavo does Opera Max this through all of the requested data to compress. Especially with websites and apps that use a lot of photos and videos (such as Instagram and YouTube), this yields a great savings.

Another way to get the data usage by using Opera Max, there is a limit due to consumption limits for individual apps. Apps that are not too useful, can even be blocked completely.

The use of Opera Max is not only useful when you're connected to a 3G or 4G connection. Public wi-fi networks are often slow and also takes Opera Max for faster-loading photos, videos, and web pages.

Opera Max has the following features:

  • free data saving app,
  • offered by the developers of the Opera browser,
  • online photos and videos is significantly faster to load,
  • only suitable for smartphones running Android.

Download and install one of the versions programs Data save apps for Windows 10.

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