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Download free Watermark to photo add for Windows 10

For photos and other images to be shared via e-mail, website or social media protect is often a watermark added. Such a watermark is so good and really the only effective protection of your copyright as a photographer or designer. You can use any picture or image separately to open it in a program like Photoshop or Paint and then edit, but this is obviously time consuming and not efficient.

With the free programs that are described on this page, you can watermark a whole collection of photos or other images to add.


SquiggleMark is a free application that allows you to add a watermark to large quantities of images. In addition, it can also directly the size of all these images, automated change.

The only thing you need to do after installation is the SquiggleMark to open, here the folder with images and select the text or image for the watermark to add. You then click on the button "Apply Watermark" and get all of the images automatically chosen watermark.

SquiggleMark is a desktop agent for Mac and Windows operating systems. It gives a lot of possibilities for choosing a personal style with which the watermark is applied. The program has also been tested with groto photo files that are created with a modern slr camera. The quality of the picture is not complete.

SquiggleMark has the following characteristics:

SquiggleMark edited photos is not going backward.

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is a program for Mac and Windows operating systems. Adds quick watermarks to large amounts of images.

TSR Watermark Image is offered in a free version and three different paid versions. The free version of this watermark program also adds the message that the image with TSW Watermark Image is created. Moreover, the paid versions have more options, such as the choice of meers styles and the transfer of all metadata to the new image including the watermark.

TSR Watermark Image has the following characteristics:

  • watermark to the images add
  • available in three paid and a free version,
  • the watermark can consist of text or an image,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Watermark to photo add for Windows 10.

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