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Through a virtual private network (VPN) connection, the communication between two computers via the internet protected by means of encryption.

On this page we give an overview of the free VPN programs.


CyberGhost allows everyone to be able to free over a secure connection, all content found on internet is to. This despite the fact that, for example, certain videos only in certain parts of the world are available due to copyright restrictions. Also bypasses CyberGhost internetbeperkingen that the government of a country to its citizens imposes.

This software makes this possible by all internet traffic through a secure VPN connection and a server in another country. Because of this, websites that are normally only in a different country can be viewed also accessible for CyberGhost VPN users.

CyberGhost is also a paid version. Allows users to surf faster and no ads shown. The free version is only available for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. The paid version is also available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) owners.

CyberGhost has the following characteristics:

  • service for VPN connections,
  • available for desktop and mobile,
  • makes use of AES 256-bit encryption,
  • free and paid versions available.


ZenMate is a free plugin for your web browser that allows you to traffic from your browser through a network of (foreign) servers sends to it. The data is also encrypted. This ensures that your privacy is better protected, and that you can make use of websites in your country may be blocked due to copyright issues (for example, Pandora, and Hulu) or blocked by the government in some countries (such as Twitter and Facebook).

Unlike any other free of charge solutions makes ZenMate it possible to with one click of the button all the traffic through a proxy server, or disable this feature. In addition, you can select if you are using a server in Germany, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Switzerland, or the United States. Since this is a browser plug-in is only the data traffic from the web browser encrypted. The data collected by other programs, such as an e-mail client is sent remains via a normal connection walk.

ZenMate can be installed within the browsers of Google Chrome and Opera. The version for Firefox is still in development.

ZenMate has the following characteristics:

  • free VPN browser plugin,
  • suitable for Google Chrome and Opera (Firefox is in development),
  • to select from which countries you want the connection to run smoothly,
  • make use of services that are available only in the USA such as Pandora,
  • social media such as Twitter use in countries where this is blocked,
  • with one click of the mouse on and off,
  • unlimited free-to-use,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux.

LogMeIn Free

LogMeIn Free is a free VPN program for personal use. With this program, you can always connect to your home network wherever you are. For example, you can with your files at home from the computer of your office.

Unlike the paid version LogMeIn Pro with LogMeIn Free among other things, not possible to your screen to share with others, share files, and to get technical support.

LogMeIn Free has the following features:

  • free VPN software for personal use,
  • limited functionality compared to the paid Pro-version,
  • available for Windows and Mac.


SurfEasy is a VPN service for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The desktop programs and mobile apps allow for more privacy, protection of your identity and more safety. In addition, SurfEasy it possible to visit websites that are normally on the network are blocked.

SurfEasy is offered as a free subscription and there are two paid subscriptions. The free Starter VPN package offers 500 mb free data usage per month. This version can be on up to 5 devices to be installed. In addition, you can extra mb earn by, for example, friends to sign.

SurfEasy has the following characteristics:

  • free virtual private network (VPN) service,
  • free version offers up to 500MB of data usage per month,
  • choose IP address from o.a. Brazil, Canada, Germany and the United States,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS, desktops and tablets,
  • desktop agent for Windows and Mac operating systems.


VPNBook is a virtual private network service that uses encrypted connection to the internet. This is the original IP address while browsing and peer-to-peer exchange of files masked.

To use the service to make you have or software of a third party is required such as OpenVPN. VPNBook provides only the infrastructure and not the program.

There is VPNBook unfortunately little choice in terms of the geographical location. It has servers in, among other things, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

VPNBook has the following characteristics:

  • free VPN server network,
  • private IP address mask,
  • limited number of different geographic locations,
  • another program such as OpenVPN requires.


You want a VPN connection to view websites that can only be accessed from within the United States or from Great Britain? Then TunnelBear is the ideal solution for you.

After installation it makes TunnelBear connect to the internet via a server in the USA or England. The websites that you visit will you recognize if a user from that country. When these websites are available only to Americans or Englishmen will also you without problems can visit. Examples of popular websites where this kind of restrictions for the existence of the BBC, Pandora, and Hulu.

This software is available for Windows and Mac TunnelBear also offers a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The free subscription has a data limit of 500 mb per month, when you more data per month want to consume then you will need a paid subscription.

TunnelBear has the following characteristics:

  • visit websites that are available only in America or England,
  • the free version has a data limit of 500MB per month,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a program with which a VPN connection can be set up. This is the dataoverdacht using encryption protected. This allows criminals not more with your connection to the internet, intercept your bank details and other personal information to steal. This risk exists when, for example, in an internet cafe or using an open wi-fi connection makes contact with the internet.

The software itself is free, but only the first 100mb of data transfer is free. For more megabytes of data transfer you need to pay.

Private Tunnel has the following characteristics:

  • VPN software to connect over an open network to secure,
  • free 100mb data transfer,
  • for more dates should be paid,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Hotspot Shield!

Hotspot Shield! is a free VPN program. The software protects data that is sent over a public wireless (or wired) network. With this free software is a connection between the internet and a PC is established via a "virtual private network Hotspot Shield. This prevents hackers your email, chat messages, credit card information, and other data can find out that you sent over the network.

Hotspot Shield! is available for desktop that run on Windows and Mac OS. In addition, there are mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS.

Also is Hotspot Shield! much used by persons who are outside the United States, websites to visit that are only available to American internet users. Because the connection is through a Us server can now also people from other countries, this visit sites.

When certain sites at work are blocked, such as Facebook, Gmail, or YouTube, then you can still continue to visit after installation of this software.

The software is also available in a paid version called Hotspot Shield! Elite. In that variant are not shown ads, and the internet connection is faster.

Hotspot Shield! has the following characteristics:

  • free VPN (Virtual Private Network) security software,
  • connect via the VPN connection from Hotspot Shield! on public networks (for example wi-fi hotspots),
  • protect your credit card information, passwords and other privacy-sensitive information,
  • also suitable for websites that are only accessible to internet users from America to visit from the Netherlands and other countries,
  • available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


FortiClient is a free VPN program that is not only suitable for desktop computers on Windows and Mac OS running, but also for iPhones and Android smartphones.

The desktop versions of the program contain also antivirusfuncties, a content filter for internet access and an application firewall, the versions for smartphones are unfortunately not about these functions.

Setting up a VPN connection using FortiClient't quite that simple. It is also certainly not complicated, but the settings necessary to ask, however, that you have a little understanding of the functioning of VPN clients.

In the base the program for free, for a number of features that are really only for system administrators within organizations, interest must be paid, such as a central client management and monitoring and the central storage of log files.

FortiClient has the following characteristics:

  • free program to make a VPN connection,
  • a VPN connection makes it difficult to intercept transmissions,
  • paid license available for additional business fucnties,
  • suitable for desktop and mobile.


With Spotflux you can have a free Virtual Private Network on a Mac or Windows computer. The established VPN connection can be used in three ways. First of all, your internet traffic is protected against eavesdropping by third parties because the data transfer is encrypted.

In addition, Spotflux it possible to have a blockade that is set up by the government or an isp to work. Also blocked sites, you can so with the help of this freeware visit.

The last feature of Spotflux is to detect and block incoming viruses and other malware.

Spotflux has the following characteristics:

  • free program to make a virtual private network,
  • viruses and other malware blocking,
  • access to all sites, even if it is by a government or provider locked,
  • internet traffic using encryption to protect
  • available for Windows and Mac.

Download and install one of the versions programs VPN software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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