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Download free Podcast software for Windows 10

With the Podcast software you can add music and movies to download to your PC and then from your PC or through a mobile media player like an iPod, crib, or listen to.

The most famous podcast software is of course iTunes, but there are also other free computer programs. On this page we give an overview of free software for podcasts to download, manage and play.


Miro is a great program that has all the functions you need to manage, download, store, convert, play, etc. of all your media files. One of these features is automatically (video) podcasts can be downloaded by you from Miro on a feed to subscribe to.

Miro has the following features:


gPodder is an open source podcast client. The free program supports MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones. gPodder automatically downloads the episodes of your favorite podcasts using RSS, Atom, Souncloud, and YouTube feeds.

gPodder has the following characteristics:

  • free podcast client,
  • available for Windows, Mac OS X and various Linux distributions,
  • open source license.

Juice Podcast Receiver

UPDATE: The latest version of the Juice Podcast Receiver was released in 2006. We therefore recommend you to choose a different podcast program.

With Juice can be automatically podcasts to be downloaded to the hard drive of your PC. These can then be easily stored on a portable media player such as an iPod or put on your laptop to watch or listen to. Also, you can subscribe to podcasts so that the Juice Podcast Receiver to automatically update your favorite podcasts will download.

Juice is an open source podcast software and completely free to install on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Special feature of the program is that the Windows version also suitable is made in order to be operated by blind and visually impaired.

Juice has the following characteristics:

  • open source podcast program,
  • focus is on managing your podcastverzameling,
  • can be set to more than 15 different languages, including English,
  • supports RSS, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and XSPF feeds,
  • new podcasts will discover in the libre podcast catalog,
  • supports various media players,
  • integrated directory with thousands of podcast feeds,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Banshee is an open source media player which you can also use for listening to internet radio and manage podcasts. The software is suitable for both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

You can not only subscribe to your favorite podcasts, but also a new discover through the integration with Miro Guide. This online catalogue of the creators of the eponymous media player contains a huge amount of descriptions and links to feeds. Moreover, you can easily request an overview of the most popular and best-rated podcasts.

Banshee has the following characteristics:

  • subscribe to podcasts and play them back,
  • open source license,
  • new podcasts discover via the built-in Miro Guide,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Podcast software for Windows 10.

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