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Below you will find an overview of online services that allow you to free form create. These forms can then be share via a website, social media or e-mail. The participants fill out these forms in via internet, and the results are automatically stored online.

Google Forms

Google Drive is an online productivity office suite offered by Google. In addition to a word processor, spreadsheet application and presentation tool includes the service also includes the ability to web forms and the answers of the respondents to collect.

When creating a form, you can specify a default layout to select or compose. Then you have the choice of five basic methods of answers to collect. Respondents may provide an answer and enter a short text, paragraph text, multiple choice, a vinkbox and a drop-down list. Also, there are four advanced answering options that you can use in your form: scale, grid, date and time.

After you're done with editing, you can use the e-mail addresses of respondents to enter this directly, or mail a link request to share. In addition, you can use the questionnaire embedded on a website by the iframe code to copy.

The answers in the form are entered are automatically saved in a spreadsheet. These data are real-time to questions using the spreadsheet in your Google Drive account.

Google Forms is not only used for online questionnaires, but also, for example, to work schedules.

When you are completely free and unlimited web forms to create also an unlimited number of respondents can be filled in Google Forms is the best choice.

Google Forms has the following characteristics:

  • unlimited free online forms and results collect,
  • part of the Google Drive office productivity,
  • forms and results are stored on your Google Drive storage space,
  • images and headers to add to the layout of the web form,
  • questionnaires embedded on your own website through an iframe,
  • respondents direct e-mail, or a link to the online form, share,
  • answers are in real time in a spreadsheet is stored.


Wufoo is a free service that lets you create your own web forms can generate. The service works just like the other tools in this list are all online, and you do not need on your computer to install. This is globally one of the most popular web form services. Wufoo has in 2011 taken over by the American SurveyMonkey.

Wufoo stands out because it integrates with many other online services including PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, Highrise, MailChimp, Campfire, Campaign Monitor, Twitter, and Capsule CRM.

Wufoo is free for a maximum of one user with 3 forms, 3 reports, 10 fields and 100 entered fields by the respondents per month. When you have a more extensive package than you will have to pay for a monthly subscription.

Adobe FormsCentral

With Adobe FormCentral you can use web forms to create and collect online responses to save and analyze.

Adobe FormsCentral excels in user-friendliness and the availability of a large number of standard layouts that you can choose. The layouts are very nicely designed and look the most professional out of all services in this summary.

You can free form create an Adobe ID. Then you can make up one form at a time may decrease. When you have multiple forms at the same time want to use then you will need a paid subscription. Each form may be used by a maximum of 50 respondents to be filled. When you need more than you need a monthly subscription.

Adobe FormsCentral has the following characteristics:

  • online forms and fill them in
  • free one form, and 50 respondents,
  • choose from a large number of professional layouts.


FormSite since 1998 developed and is one of the longest existing services in this list. Allows you to create forms and questionnaires to decrease. Also works together with a large number of payment providers such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and So, you can also use forms to paid orders.

With FormSite, you can create up to 5 forms, 50 items per form create. Each form can be done by only 10 people to be completed. If you need more forms, items, or respondents to a monthly rate to pay.

FormSite has the following characteristics:

  • online forms and questionnaires create,
  • integration with payment providers as possible,
  • free service has a very limited number of forms and respondents.


With 123ContactForm you can online include contact forms, lead generation forms, event registrations and newsletter forms to create and populate through the internet. You can use your online forms, among other to integrate with Facebook, MailChimp, SalesForce, Google Docs, Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.

123ContactForm is among other things available in English. The service is for use by a maximum of one user with five forms that a hundred people can be filled. When you need more than you need a monthly subscription to exit.

123ContactForm has the following characteristics:

  • the online forms service,
  • integrates with many other web services,
  • limited free-to-use and expandable with a paid subscription,
  • also available in Dutch.


JotForm is a WYSIWYG service that allows you to web forms. It has an intuitive user environment for you by means of drag & drop forms can compose. You can use the web form, then integrate it on your site or people via e-mail to invite to respond to them.

With JotForm you can create an unlimited number of forms with unlimited fields free create. The number of respondents that this monthly should answer is, however, limited to one hundred. Therefore, it provides the free version of JotForm, Google Forms, yet the most functionality in comparison with the other services in this list.

Download and install one of the versions programs Web form create for Windows 10.

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