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Privacy and protecting your digital data is a hot topic at this time. This is mainly due has become clear that the government its citizens on a large scale listening via the internet. Not only is tracked what people are searching for via search engines but also chats and emails to be tapped.

In this overview you will find a top 10 of programs for laptops and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that can help you protect your privacy with A program that is not yet on this list but certainly is worth a try is Cloudfogger. With this program, data "in the cloud" is automatically stored encrypted.

The tool of Criptext is at this time a minimum of 6 months of free use. This destroys you at any moment, already sent e-mails and attachments.

If you are a new user of the Windows 10 operating system? We recommend that ShutUp10 to install.


Tails is a free operating system that focuses entirely on the protection of the privacy of you as a user.

The operating system is a portable application and does not first installed on the computer. It can be done from a USB-stick, DVD drive, or SD card boot.

The name Tails is an acronym for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. The operating system is based on the Linux distribution of Debian.

To get a completely anonymous connection to establish the use of the Tor browser. Also, all the other internet traffic goes through the Tor network. This makes the data difficult to intercept and for the visited website, your IP-address to trace.

By default, Tails various open source applications to chat, emailing, photoshopping and office to edit documents. After the use of Tails, remove the USB stick or DVD from the computer, and there is no trace of your actions on the PC behind.

Tails has the following characteristics:

  • free, anonymous, os,
  • leaves no traces on the computer
  • portable application so does not need first to be installed,
  • makes use of the Tor network for all internet traffic,
  • integrated productivity programs for key applications.


ChatSecure is a free and open source chat client for Android and iPhone. This chat app that supports OTR encryption via the XMPP protocol. The creators of the app are also developing opportunities for conversations on a Windows or Mac computer from eavesdropping to protect.

To be safe, to be able to communicate to the two parties use a secure connection. This can be the easiest way by both the ChatSecure app. You can use the app to link to your existing account with Facebook, Google Talk, Jabber and OSCAR.

Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, many users have their doubts on how their data will be used. Facebook itself is not known as a party who will confidentially deal with them. ChatSecure is an open source and not-for-profit so it is a more reliable communication service as your privacy comes.

Another highly secure instant messaging service is Bleep. This service, offered by the developers of BitTorrent, which is currently still in the alpha phase.

ChatSecure has the following characteristics:

  • free chat app for encrypted messages,
  • available under an open source license,
  • chatting via the Facebook, Google Talk and Jabber network,
  • only available for mobile platforms that run on Android and iOS.

GPG Suite

GPG Suite is an open source initiative to OpenPGP on Mac OS operating systems to install.

The project arose as an initiative to the GPGMail development to resume in 2010. Personal privacy is, according to the developers a greatly underestimated concept. Through all of your email is to encrypt before sending it to avoid having your message intercepted and read.

In addition to the encryption provides GPG Suite also the signature of emails. This verifies to the recipient that you really are the sender and vice versa. It is not very difficult to send an email that seems to come from another address. By GPG Suite to use, you can see immediately when something is not right, or even when an e-mail by third parties is adjusted between the time of sending and receiving.

You need some time to get the software of GPG Suite to get the hang of. The program works with both a public and a private encryption key. The public code is shared via a so-called "key server". This functionality for the exchange of encryptiecodes is also integrated into the program.

GPG Suite is only suitable for Mac OS, and Windows users can the best Gpg4win try.

If you have set up GPG Suite what to a lot of trouble finding you can also make use of an online service which, by default, all e-mail messages encrypts. Have a look in our overview of e-mail encrypt security software.

GPG Suite has the following features:free

  • emails encrypt and extract,
  • identity of the sender of an email to verify
  • encryptiecodes exchange via integrated key server,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.


Tox is a free communication service for desktop computers. This makes it a direct competitor for Skype. This project stands out because it focuses on protecting the privacy of its users. This means that all data traffic is strongly encrypted, so that it is virtually impossible to chat, phone, or video calls to intercept and eavesdrop.

Tox is open source and therefore everyone is free to take the code to modify the program and redistribute it. In addition, the program is ad free and completely free of charge now and in the future. Many alternatives begin to be free and without ads, but after a period of time, should there still money to be earned, and the developers of the methods in order to increase sales. This happens more often due to convenient functions are available only against payment and by offering to track users to deliver ads tailored to your store. For this you need at Tox less afraid.

Tox is suitable for both Mac, Linux and Windows users and is a must for everyone who is looking for an alternative to Skype that personal conversations are better shields.

Tox has the following characteristics:

  • free communications service for desktop systems,
  • chat, voice and video calls to other users,
  • open source alternative to Skype,
  • suitable for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


Actually, this is a strange duck in the bite in this list of privacy software and apps because it is an online service. But what you may not realize is that most of the information about the life and desires of people is to read in the search behavior zia search engines. These search engines collect personal information to this data to sell to advertisers. So will a broker find it interesting to you to see advertisements when you are looking for a new home. All these searches together to offer a huge glimpse into the private life of the users.

DuckDuckGo provides a search service to which absolutely no information about its users to save. The data can therefore not be misused or sold to advertisers.

The search results are mostly assessed. Many users find this slightly less well than those of the popular alternatives. But maybe this is the price that you must pay when you your online privacy, want to protect.

DuckDuckGo has the following characteristics:

  • online search engine with privacy protection,
  • free online service,
  • search history is not saved like other search engines,
  • for everyone to achieve through


Ghostery is a plugin for your web browser which trackers among other advertisers showing and this can block. After installation so you have full control over the way in which companies your activity on the internet.

In addition to that it is interesting to have a website to see who you all follow, it is also theythere useful to have a tracker to select whether these should be blocked or not. This will give you more insight into the ways in which you are followed and you have more control than when you all trackers by default, blocks.

The Ghostery plugin is available for all popular web browsers and there is even an iPhone and iPad app. This app consists of a full mobile browser that shows all the features of Ghostery are integrated. By clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner to tap all the trackers that the website visited is used visible. With the slider next to it turn on or off. This mobile browser uses the privacycriendelijke search engine DuckDuckGo.

Ghostery has the following characteristics:

  • shows what trackers your internet follow,
  • overview per individual site, and all retrieved trackers,
  • individual trackers to allow or block,
  • plugin suitable for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari,
  • mobile browser app available for iOS.


Orbot is a proxy app for Android users. After installation, all internet traffic from your Android device via proxy servers. The advantage of this is that your mobile internet service provider has no influence on the sites that you may visit. In addition, it will be for hackers and governments made difficult to your personal data to be intercepted.

To all the internet traffic through different proxies lead to the use of the Tor network. This is the world's most popular proxy network. This technology is open source and is made possible by using the servers of volunteers.

A disadvantage of the use of a proxy app like Orbot is that the internet is delayed. This is unavoidable because the connection is through additional relays.

Orbot is an ideal Android app for owners of all the traffic that want to secure by this via a proxy. So not only the data traffic from the mobile browser, but of all installed apps.

Orbot has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile proxy app,
  • secures all traffic and not only that of the web browser,
  • makes use of the Tor network,
  • provides access to sites that the government blocks,
  • only suitable for Android operating systems.


VeraCrypt is a free schijfencryptie program based on TrueCrypt. Just as this pastor is VeraCrypt is completely open source and thus free for personal and commercial use. It adds improved beveiligingalgoritmen to the encryption of systems and partitions, making the encryption even stronger than that of TrueCrypt. This makes them immune to so-called "brute-force" attacks.

The development of Truecrypt seems since may 2014 been stopped after the developers claim that the program is not secure anymore. The development of VeraCrypt is then simply continued.

When you the information on the hard drive of your computer to encrypt, then VeraCrypt is a very good choice. You must keep in mind that because of the strong encryption the open of an encrypted partition takes longer than usual. The software is available for Windows and Linux, a version for Mac OS is still in development.

VeraCrypt has the following characteristics:

  • strong encryption software,
  • based on TrueCrypt,
  • has an open source license,
  • free for personal and commercial use,
  • suitable for Linux and Windows (and soon Mac OS).

Tor Browser Bundle

Tor is an open source tool for volunteers, a network of proxy servers to create. This made it impossible for someone your internet traffic monitors to track what sites you visit. In addition, the website that you don't visit your physical location to find, and sites may be visited by the government are blocked.

The software of Tor itself is not very easy to install. Therefore, the developers have a browser developed by default, makes use of the Tor network. Here do not have something separate for the set to be and it is also suitable for people with little knowledge of computers. This package is portable so do not even need to be installed first. After clicking start the program immediately.

The Tor Browser Bundle is available for both Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

The use of this program is recommended for people who have a simple solution to anonymously surf the internet. When you are really all of your internet traffic to protect (and not only those of your web browser) we recommend that the total package of Tor to install.

Tor Browser Bundle has the following characteristics:

  • web browser that the privacy of its users, protects,
  • by default, the connection through the Tor network,
  • released under an open source license,
  • suitable for all popular operating systems.


Telegram is a messenger app for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS running. This messenger app distinguishes itself from the competition by focusing on speed and privacy.

Telegram includes a "Secret Chats" feature with end-to-end encryption where messages are not on the servers of Telegram are stored. So you're assured that the messages only by the addressee to be read.

Just as you are used to on similar apps, such as WhatsApp is Telegram possible to have group chats, and photos, videos, and other documents to share.

Telegram is a must for those who seek a privacyvriendelijk alternative for messengers such as WhatsApp and Skype for mobile. The service is completely free to use and offers no paid subscriptions. Also, the app no ads shown.

An alternative to Telegram what was even better protected is Wickr. This chat app, for example, has a built-in option to send messages automatically after a certain time to clear the phone of the recipient.

Telegram has the following characteristics:

  • free messenger app,
  • focus on the protection of privacy and speed,
  • im groups to create up to 200 persons,
  • photos and videos sharing,
  • Secret Chat feature for optimal security,
  • available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Download and install one of the versions programs Privacy software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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