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Below follows a summary of the latest news about free software. It also becomes more general, software news tracked that relates to programs that are used by many people to be such as the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Brave-integrates browser Tor in private browsing.

The browsermaker Brave introduces in the latest version of its browser, the integration of Tor in privétabbladen. When you have a screen in private browsing opens is the internet traffic through the Tor network so that your IP address is shielded and the isp is more difficult can look at with your surfing habits.

Yahoo Messenger stops in July 2018

Yahoo stops offering its messenger service on July 17, 2018. After this date users can no longer chat and chats from the past no longer be read.

VLC now supports Chromecast

VLC, the open source program that by many as the best media player is regarded, has received an update which now also stream to a Chromecast supports!

Flitsmeister will now also navigation

The free flash app Flitsmeister contains in the latest update, you now also have a navigation function. The developer indicates that the feature is still in the beta stage.

Free virus scanner Panda as best from the test

In a comprehensive test carried out by the Austrian AV-Comparatives has only the free virus scanner from Panda all the infections detected and blocked without the intervention of the user. This result is even better than the paid solutions that are also tested.

Shazam acquired by Apple

Apple has announced that they are the company behind the razendpopulaire app Shazam have taken over. With this app, users can automatically the name of the artist and the song in a sound search. Hundreds of millions of people around the world make use of Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps of Shazam. It is not yet known whether the Shazam app los remains available or in the services of Apple is integrated.

Google Maps shows you when you need to get off in public transport

With the next update of the Google Maps app as a user, you are warned when you need to get off the public TRANSPORT. When you have your route planned, the app shows a notification just before you get off the bus, train or subway. This feature is currently tested and available for all Google Maps users.

Microsoft stops Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft stops completely with the development of the mobile operating system Windows Mobile. Really popular this system will never become and the competition from Android and Apple proved to be too big. Microsoft will still be bugs in the system to resolve but no longer actively developing new functions. There are also no smartphone manufacturers for more new Windows Mobile devices on the market.

Chatapp AIM stops on december 15, 2017

The ever razendpopulaire instant messaging service AIM is, unfortunately, discontinued at the end of this year. In the previous century, this was one of the most popular im services in the world, but the owner indicates that the program has become obsolete by the emergence of new technologies.

CCleaner infected been met malware

The popular computer cleaner software CCleaner is in the month of August is infected with malware. Hackers have access to know to provide to Piriform, the developer of this tool. Piriform recommends users to run the latest version of CCleaner have to download to fix the problem. This does not happen automatically.

Firefox browser released for iOS

Firefox has for the first time, a full mobile browser for iOS released. The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Firefox gives users the potential to information between different devices to sync. Android users can already use a mobile browser app from Firefox install.

Most popular browser in the Netherlands is Chrome

Research from StatCounter shows that almost half of all Dutch people makes use of the Chrome browser. Followed by Internet Explorer with 23% market share, Firefox with 16,6% and Safari is 7.7%.

Microsoft stops with unlimited cloud storage OneDrive

Microsoft stops again with the offer of unlimited OneDrive online storage for users of Office 365. Last year, this limit shall be deleted. Also, provided for users of the free version of OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive called) since then 15 gigabytes of free storage space. This will be reduced to 5 gigabytes. Paying subscribers are limited to a maximum of 1 terabyte of online storage. As reason for this change of direction gives Microsoft that much abuse was made of the possibility of unlimited data.

Popcorntime it quits

A number of developers of PopcornTime has withdrawn from the project and therefore the site is offline. The developers have stopped out of fear for the legal consequences from the film industry. They will therefore continue with a video streaming program that focuses solely on the provision of legal video content. This new service has the name Butter.

Firefox trackers block

The developer of Firefox, Mozilla, a beta version of its web browser to be released that by default, a number of tracking activity on websites blocks. They are going to not block ads, but functions by advertisers to users online will be limited.

Android version Cyanogen integrates voice assistant Cortana

Cyanogen, the alternative version of Android, will integrate the voice assistant Cortana in its mobile operating system. This is remarkable because Google mobile operating system Android has been released and Microsoft is responsible for the voice assistant Cortana. These two companies are in fierce competition grappling to users own services to connect. Microsoft has previously been an unknown amount in the organization behind Cyanogen invested.

Firefox launches iOS version

Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, a mobile browser for iOS released. For now, this trial unfortunately is only to be installed by people in New Zealand. After this trial period, the browser will also be available for iPhone and iPad owners in the Netherlands. Advantages of this iOS browser that, among other things, synchronized with the desktop version of Firefox, and it contains an intelligent search function.

An average of 18 programs pre-installed on Windows

The Consumers association has calculated that the creators of Windows-based computers an average of 18 programs pre-install windows. This is demonstrated by a test of 283 notebooks that between 2013 and 2015 are sold. It is often to tryouts, for example, a virus scanner or an office program. After a trial period of a few weeks or months, users must pay to continue using it. The manufacturers of the computers get paid by the software developers for these programs by default.

Firefox launches iOS version

Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, a mobile browser for iOS released. For now, this trial unfortunately is only to be installed by people in New Zealand. After this trial period, the browser will also be available for iPhone and iPad owners in the Netherlands. Advantages of this browser are that it synchronized with the desktop version of Firefox, and it contains an intelligent search function.

Popularity of Popcorn Time is the fault of Hollywood

The developers of the video streaming Popcorn Time give Hollywood the blame for their own popularity. The movie and tv studios would, according to them, a legal alternative to running all the new movies and series can be viewed. At this moment, there are still too many restrictions on the video content and the countries where this can be viewed.

uTorrent stops with bundle software

The organization behind the bittorrent client uTorrent has indicated that it will stop the bundling of programs. During the installation of uTorrent was formerly additional software is first installed. A lot of users, this was already a thorn in the eye, especially when it turned out that they also with a Bitcoin Miner were saddled. The developers have indicated itself also not satisfied about this business model and want to start experimenting with the help of donations, an integrated app store and the offer of paid content. In the coming weeks and months these methods will be rolled out and tested.

Google Maps calculates yield from the solar panels on your roof

Google has a new feature in Google Maps was introduced. Allows users to calculate how much it yields to the solar panels on the roof. The service calculates this on the basis of the position of the roof, shadows of other buildings, throughout the year and historical data on cloud cover and temperature. The service is called Project Sunroof, and is currently only available in Boston, Fresno and San Francisco. Google has indicated that the number of cities soon to want to expand.

Microsoft launches mobile translation app

Microsoft has released an interactive mobile translation app released for both Android and iOS. The app is called Microsoft Translator, and translates directly to voice text to more than fifty different languages. Users of an Apple Watch or Android Wear watch can the app it. Translated sentences are displayed on the screen but can also be read aloud.

Security companies recommend installing uTorrent off

BitTorrent Inc., the developer of uTorrent, has chosen to OpenCandy aware with this BitTorrent client. OpenCandy asks during the installation process or you also have other programs to help install. Although this is generally not dangerous it is for the user often also not very obvious that that software from all other vendors. Therefore there unnoticed a lot of extra software on the computer. Among others, Symantec, ESET and G Data warn their customers. Google even blocks uTorrent downloads in the Chrome browser for the same reason.

WorldWide Telescope open source

The program WorldWide Telescope was once the answer of Microsoft on the popular Google Earth application from Google. To the development of the program also in the future to ensure Microsoft has decided this program to transfer to the .JUST Foundation. This will be the further development of the managing software and brings it under an open source license. From now on, each programmer his or her own contributions to the further development of the program. You can continue to use this free planetarium software.

Antimalware developer sharing free license

The anti-malware company-Malwarebytes gives free license for its paid-for security software. Due to an error in the algorithm was for software possible to serial numbers of other customers to figure out and use. Malwarebytes solves this by to all users that register a license for the period of one year free of charge to give away.

TrueCrypt tested and found to be safe

The independent Open Crypto Audit Project has the encryption software TrueCrypt tested and came to the conclusion that no major vulnerabilities. This was a long time unclear because the creators of TrueCrypt in 2014 abruptly stopped with the development. Then there are a number of alternative encryption program on the market which Veracrypt is the most popular.

Utorrent bundles bitcoin miner

The makers of Utorrent have a new business model is found. In addition to showing ads to bundle them since shortly also a bitcoin miner with the popular free torrent client. This makes use of the processing power of your computer to get bitcoins to generate. The tool is called Epic Scale. The option to this to install it can be unchecked. Also, it is relatively easy at a later time to remove. However, it has the action of Utorrent lot of dust. Click the link below to their press statement read.

Office 365 free for Dutch students

Office 365 is now free to questions by Dutch students. The school must have a license to close. Where previously the school accounts were requests can now individual students can do this. The license control will take place on the basis of the e-mail address of the school of the student. On the site of Microsoft, you check through your e-mail directly to you a free Office 365 application.

iWorks for iCloud is now free for everyone

iWorks for iCloud is an online office productivity. This allows you to from your browser, text documents, spreadsheets and presentations to edit. This competitor of Apple services such as Google Drive and Office 365 is now free for everyone. So you need a Mac to own, it also works within the browser of a window or Linux system.

Get 2GB of additional storage for Google Drive

Who now a few minutes to take a what security settings for Google Drive to check get Google free 2 gigabytes of extra online storage. When this check among other things if all your contact information is still up-to-date and which external apps have access to keep in to your Google account.

The Pirate Bay is back online

Since 1 February 2015 is The Piray Bay is back online. This popular torrent search engine was for months offline after the Swedish police raided the servers seized was taken. It is rumored that the organization behind The Pirate Bay be significantly slimmed down. A lot of administrators who torrents checked and deceptive files of the site removed his to the side. The site is now based on a more automated control system. The site is now no longer hosted centrally but on a network of secret cloud services spread all over the world. This should make it more difficult to take the site offline.

Google Earth PRO is now free!

Since 30 January 2015, Google Earth PRO is free for both private and business users. Previously, the cost of this program is almost $ 400. This tool makes it possible to view 3D buildings by measuring, high-resolution prints and HD videos of the zoom in on the earth.

Co-founder, Opera develops new browser

On Tuesday, 27 January 2015, launched one of the co-founders of Opera a new browser. The new web browser named Vivaldi and is based on the Chromium project. Vivaldi focuses on the demanding internet user, but is currently still not fully developed. The version that is now released is only a preview. This is available for both Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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