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The most important market for developers of software has shifted from the desktop to smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is also logical that there are more and more mobile operating systems available for smartphones. The operating system is the software where the phone itself is running on it and which makes it possible for you use apps.

On this page you will find a list of operating systems that are suitable for smartphones. All the systems that will be listed on this page are open source. Replicant will soon also be included on this page. This is an Android system that is only on open source and free tools is based in contrast to the official software.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is not, as the name suggests, a browser for phones, but a complete operating system for smartphones. It is being developed by the leading open source organisation Mozilla, and will for the first time in 2013 are available.

Mozilla has started this project to show that it is possible to with web apps (online applications) the same experience as a "native" apps, you first must install on your smartphone. Therefore, the organization has standards to web pages in a secure way to give access to certain functionality of a smartphone such as the camera and the call function. This puts the user and not fixed to the apps only via the app store of the operating system are available. The app developers, in their turn, would not for each system separately, more a app have to be developed when the use of web apps continues.

It is already tested that it is possible to get Firefox OS to install on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Raspberry Pi.

In december 2012, has Firefox a simulator is released to help you in your desktop browser you can see how an app will look like in Firefox OS. The simulator is available as an add-on for Firefox.

Firefox OS has the following features:

  • offered by Mozilla,
  • can run on Samsung Galaxy, Nexus and Raspberry Pi,
  • focused on the use of web apps,
  • easy to adjust by carrier.


CyanogenMod is by far the most popular Android alternative.

This program offers a number of great advantages over the Android software that is standard with your device is from Samsung, HTC, Nexus or any other manufacturer is included. The two most important are that the system more often it is updated and that you as a user much more possibilities for adjustments in the system.

Installing CyanogenMod is quite simple. However, you must ensure that your device is suitable. A list with smartphones and tablets running this operating system can be installed is to be found on the website of CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod has the following characteristics:

  • free Android version,
  • more frequent updates than the Android versions of hardware manufacturers,
  • can up to be customized including behavior and appearance,
  • suitable for many different smartphones and tablets.

Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu Phone operating system for smartphones in January 2013 has been announced. It is expected that this operating system in February 2013 has been officially released. The first smartphones that are standard equipped with Ubuntu Phone will be in October 2013 in the shops. It is not yet known in what countries or even continents.

Ubuntu is mostly known for its operating system for desktops based on Linux. This is one of the most popular Linux distributions of this time. Ubuntu for desktop is known for its stability and ease of use. The mobile system is based on the desktop version.

To own will say Ubuntu Phone to quickly switch between apps than other phones, and running web apps and native apps both just as well on this system.

When the system is not used, the system shows the personal data in the welcome screen. This information consists of, for example, the number of received tweets, the distance walked, number of minutes of call time and the time that the phone is not used.

Ubuntu Phone has the way of communicating re-designed. Every message through various channels such as Twitter, Facebook, SMS and e-mail are shown in a vertical row.

The photos you take with your phone are automatically uploaded to the online storage service Ubuntu One. Through this service, your digital photos instantly available on all your devices, including those that run on iOS, Windows and Android.

On powerful smartphones, it will be possible to have a full desktop experience by connecting it to a docking station. Zu example, you can surf the web, or text edit on a big screen and with a keyboard. The advantage is that you no longer have a separate laptop and phone, but that you can do all the jobs from a single smartphone.

Ubuntu Phone has the following features:

  • free operating system for smartphones,
  • integration with the service, Ubuntu One for automatic online storage of photos,
  • download apps in Ubuntu Software Centre,
  • for the first time, released in 2013.


Android is the most popular operating system for mobile phones as of this moment. Unlike iOS, Android is by many companies used as the default operating system on their smartphones. Android actually provides all of the features that iOS has. So it contains the latest version also includes the ability to movies wireless to your TV to stream (with its associated HDMI-adapter) and you can with the camera for panorama pictures or even 360 degree shots.

Android is at purchase automatically included with your smartphone, but it is also possible to use this system to install on, for example, older HTC phones running on Windows Mobile. You should before you install or through the internet, check what version of Android suitable for your mobile phone.

Android has the following features:

  • open source operating system for mobile provided by Google,
  • popular and therefore there are many apps available,
  • can also be installed on HTC phones running on Windows Mobile,
  • first released in 2007.

Download and install one of the versions programs Mobile operating systems for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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