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Through the launch of WikiLeaks in 2006 is the concept of whistleblowers site makes internationally in the spotlight. On WikiLeaks can anonymous sources upload documents that abuses demonstrate. In this way WikiLeaks is already several times the earth-shaking facts brought out.

WikiLeaks is a centrally managed web site and organization, but also journalists outside of WikiLeaks could benefit greatly from a private anonymous whistleblowers site makes. On this page you will find an overview of the best free software for the creation of a private whistleblowers site makes.


GlobaLeaks is an open source program for develop a own whistleblowers site makes. This software is already since 2011, developed by an Italian foundation.

To the anonymity of the whistleblowers, to ensure the program uses a connection through the Tor network. This network ensures that the connection through several proxy servers, it is led which makes it very difficult in order to identify the source. GlobaLeaks is developed in such a way that it is suitable for users with minimal technical background., the largest Dutch whistleblowers site makes of this moment, is based on the software GlobaLeaks. Publeaks is a collaboration between the major newspapers, news organizations and online news sites. Here, all Dutch citizens to safely and anonymously leak information to journalists from the participating media.

GlobaLeaks has the following characteristics:


SecureDrop is an open source whistleblowers site platform. The system is co-developed by Aaron Swartz, the co-founder of the international forum In contrast to GlobaLeaks should SecureDrop be installed by someone who has the brain of IT and online security. So, for example, must be prevented that in spite of the security measures in the software itself, are integrated, there are still IP addresses of users on the server itself are stored.

The creators of SecureDrop encourage the use of the anonymous operating system Tails for both the whistle-blowers who have documents to deliver, if the journalists who collect the information. The process by which journalists get access to the sent documents, and communicate with the whistleblower is quite complex. So they must use two different laptops and two USB-sticks. This is because of the many security measures that are standard in the system are built. The organization behind SecureDrop can also provide training. For most journalists, such training may also be needed.

Several international news organizations are already making use of the SecureDrop for their own whistleblowers site systeem. These include, among others, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.

SecureDrop has the following characteristics:

  • anonymous whistleblowers site makes set up,
  • program with open source license,
  • complex process for which training is required,
  • protected communceren via integrated instant messaging service,
  • use of the operating system Tails is advised,
  • source code is written in Python.

Download and install one of the versions programs Whistleblowers site makes for Windows 10.

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