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A Wiki is an application that allows web documents by multiple people can be edited, without the content by experts, they must be modified or accepted. The most important example of a Wiki is

On this page you will find an overview of free software packages that you have a private online wiki to develop and maintain.


MediaWiki can be used for free to create content and to manage. This software you need to install on your own webspace.

This software package enjoys great fame because it is used among other things for the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation such as Wikipedia. The appearance, you can with the help of Wiki skins to your own preferences.


DokuWiki is a free program that allows a private Wiki site set up and can be managed.

This software specifically focuses on groups, organizations and teams of developers.

DokuWiki has the following characteristics:

  • free and open source Wiki software,
  • database is not necessary because data in plain text files is stored,
  • unlimited modifications to the wiki pages as possible,
  • view of recent changes,
  • also available in Dutch,
  • "section editing" makes the adjusting of small page components as possible,
  • uploading and embedding of images and other media files,
  • "breadcrumbs" for a better navigation
  • ability to articles on lock to bewerkingsconflicten to avoid.

Banana Dance

Banana Dance is an open source wiki package which is in contrast to MediaWiki (the software behind Wikipedia) have a good WYSIWYG editor.

The software is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. The developers indicate that Banana Dance is an ideal mix between a CMS (widgets, search engine friendly URLS and the use of themes) and a wiki (with organic growth of content).

Banana Dance also offers tools that make it possible to have an active user community to create. Thus, it offers the possibility to individually post comment to respond, integration of social media, the issuing of badges and using a rating score and the support of hashtags and @usernames.

Banana Dance has the following characteristics:

  • easily create pages using inline editing,
  • plain text or WYSIWYG to use to add content,
  • page's lock to avoid conflicts while editing to prevent
  • simple tags to add topics,
  • auto-save while typing to prevent loss,
  • manage media through an integrated library,
  • files and attachments easy to add and share,
  • comprehensive user management that allows you to certain people or no access to pages or entire categories can give,
  • individual users and IP addresses to block,
  • users praise for their work in the form of badges,
  • uses search engine friendly URLS,
  • mobile themes to your site instantly mobile friendly,
  • automatically detect mobile devices,
  • ability to switch between the mobile and standard website,
  • use themes to make the entire layout easy to customize,
  • install plugins for functionality to expand,
  • through the language of the site into another language.


With the open source software TWiki you can create your own online wiki to create. As with other wiki programs, users can log in on the website for your own text or other content to add or changes.

All changes and additions to be saved using a version control system. Because of this, you can always find the changes easy to undo.

TWiki has the following characteristics:

  • your own wiki website,
  • open source,
  • written in Perl,
  • integrated version control system,
  • edit pages with one press of a button,
  • notification via e-mail when something changed on the site,
  • web pages are automatically linked to each other,
  • extend features with TWiki plugins.


MoinMoin is an advanced, easy-to-use and extensible wiki package. This allows you to with a group of users to collaboratively edit pages and add.

The difference with many other wiki packages is that MoinMoin does not use a database but the text files are organized into folders to the content store. You can, therefore, also the content on the server with a text editor, adjust if necessary. All old versions are also stored, which makes it easy to get the original content back after a spamaanval.

MoinMoin has the following characteristics:

  • free wiki package,
  • data storage using files in folders instead of a database,
  • plug-in support,
  • written in Python.


XWiki Enterprise is a professional wiki-platform that is suitable for use within companies.

The software includes other features to make a blog to manage, rights to designated users, LDAP authentication, PDF export, and the ability to layout fully customizable. As with a wiki-platform common contains the comprehensive version control system, and the possibility of assigning rights to individual users. Allows you to old versions of content to cover and the people the right to make modifications on the site.

XWiki is used for both public sites as well as intranet platforms.

XWiki has the following characteristics:

  • wiki-edit pages with a WYSIWYG editor,
  • pages export as PDF, ODT, RTF, XML,or HTML,
  • documents such as MS Office, PDF and OpenOffice easily convert wiki pages,
  • automatic check of links to external sites,
  • make notes within the documents,
  • install extensions to add extra functions to add,
  • create user profiles and to display,
  • users can invite other users by e-mail,
  • statistics function for example, to see what pages are most popular,
  • version control system to old versions of content to repair,
  • rights management system you can set up whom changes may apply.

Download and install one of the versions programs Wiki for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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