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How many times you make an error in an e-mail message, and you will discover this only after you click the submit button clicked? This shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable situations. And understand in which cases would you want that a sent message was still able to recover or delete. Fortunately, this is also possible with additional services of which some are absolutely free.

On this page you will find an overview of good free services that allow you to send e-mails you can restore or delete. is a free online service that allows you e-mails already sent are change, retrieve or delete it. This can at any time happen, even when the recipient receives the e-mail has already been opened. It is never too late to take that embarrassing spelling mistakes or adapt to an e-mail sent to a wrong address is sent to remove. The only thing to be always in the inbox of the recipient will remain on the mail itself with its title. All contents of the e-mail can be completely erased.

You do not need another email address to use. works together with your existing account. After you have created an account, instructions are given to your existing Gmail or e-mail client account to the SMTP server of This is all outgoing e-mail now via led.

The editing or deleting of e-mails by clicking the site of to login with your personal account information. has the following features:

  • sent e-mails-customize or delete
  • free online service,
  • integrates with your existing e-mail account,
  • outgoing e-mails via SMTP server of


Dmail is a free service that is sent by e-mail messages automatically destroy after a set period of time. You can also view the messages at any time to withdraw so that the recipient can't read it.

Dmail integrates only with Gmail. It is installed as Chrome extension, after which an additional button in Gmail will appear with "Send with Dmail". That button is additional next to the existing submit button so you always retain the choice over which service you an e-mail that you send.

When you get an e-mail via Dmail send is fully encrypted. At the time that you have a message withdraw is it unreadable for the recipient because the release of the encryption is reversed. This makes this only an incomprehensible collection of numbers and letters.

Dmail has the following characteristics:

  • e-mail messages encrypting,
  • installation using the Chrome extension,
  • integrates only with Gmail,
  • sent e-mails at any time withdraw,
  • extra submit button within Gmail to send messages via Dmail to send.

Download and install one of the versions programs Sent e-mails to delete for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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