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If you want photos email, on the internet or in any other way share it with others? When the size of the photo is smaller taking less time and bandwidth. On this page you will find an overview of free software for photo easy automatically to reduce.


Caesium is a free Windows program that photos and other images for you to decrease without that this translates into a poorer quality.

This program can set the file size of an image with a whopping 90% reduction! For website owners and other professional users, it is also useful that hundreds of images at a time can be edited using the batch function. Moreover, the software is open source and therefore free for business users such as website owners.

Before a picture is reduced you first see a preview. On the basis of this, make sure the end result will meet your expectations.

Caesium has the following characteristics:

Pic View

Pic View is an open source program that is meant in the first place is to display images. But in addition, it contains various editing features including the ability to resize the photo to change.

By a profile with the correct sizes, it is even possible to large amounts of images in batches to adjust.

Pic View has the following characteristics:

  • view images and editing,
  • formats of images, customizing,
  • can photo formats in batches change,
  • has an open source license,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


RoboSizer is a program that automatically your photos can reduce. It used to be there after the trial period, to be paid for this program but now give the creators everyone a code to access all the features free to activate.

RoboSizer automatically reduces all the digital images that you want to share it via an instant messenger, email program or web browser. It can play almost all popular programs in these categories.

RoboSizer has the following characteristics:

  • photos automatically reduce the size before you share it,
  • freeware license,
  • compatible with all popular instant messenger, email clients and web browsers,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.

Shrink Pic

Shrink Pic automatically reduces large amounts of digital photos.

This software runs in the background of the Windows operating system. As soon as it detects that you have a large digital photo to send, it makes a temporary copy. This copy is then used for the transmission. You have a choice of three standard compression strengths: high, medium and low.

Shrink Pic has the following features:

  • automatically a small copies of a picture,
  • runs in the background of Microsoft Windows,
  • the original digital image is maintained.


FreeSizer is a free program for Windows computers. By one or more photos to the window of FreeSizer dragging will be automatically reduced on the basis of your selected profile settings. It is possible to have different default profiles, with the way photos are edited to save.

This software does not contain any additional toolbars or other adware, so you can without problems try this once. There is even a portable version available that you do not need to install but immediately start up.

RoboSizer has the following characteristics:

  • photo auto resize,
  • freeware program,
  • built-in preview function for photo editing already to view,
  • original photo files will always be preserved,
  • supports import of photos with behhulp of drag & drop,
  • only available for Windows desktop systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Photos reduce for Windows 10.

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