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A transcript is a written text of a conversation or another (historic) document. Journalists, scientists and historians use special transcription software to make these texts more efficiently. On this page you will find an overview of free programs in this category.


oTranscribe is the favorite transcription tool of almost every professional journalist. The open source program is web-based (HTML5) so is via any computer with a web browser and an internet connection to use. To begin, go to the site and click on the "Start Transcoding" button. Then upload the audio or video file of the recorded call to the server of oTranscribe. This may also be a link to a YouTube video. The audio formats supported are ogg, mp3, wav, and webm. The video files that you upload must be in one of the following formats are stored: mp4, ogg and webm.

After the audio or video is uploaded, a window appears with on the left file and the right of a text field. The playback of the sound is entirely with the keyboard control, including fast forward and rewind, and slow down or speed up the playback speed. In this way, you do not need more switching between a word processor such as Word, and your media player in the provision of calls. Everything is done from one screen. With the shortcut, CTRL + J will time-stamp the transcript added. As you can see in the transcript exactly how many minutes and seconds that a particular passage was discussed.

Every five minutes is automatically a backup of your work saved. This can, during a short period of time to be restored if you are not satisfied with the final adjustments.

After you're done, download the text as a Markdown (.md) or a flat text file (.txt). It is also possible to set the text to be directly uploaded to Google Drive by logging in with your Google account.

Because the program is open source, you can also download source files, and this on a private server room to install it. This is especially useful in the preparation of confidential conversations. In this way, the audio files and the detailed texts on a remote server.


Scripto is an open source transcription tool for the joint development of documents and multimedia files. It is designed for institutions and organizations such as museums and libraries that transcription projects in groups to perform. Of course, it can also be used for the individual projects.

Scripto can be integrated with the open source content management systems of Drupal, Omeka and Wordpress. For the storage and management of all content makes No use of the, also open source, wiki software MediaWiki.

In fact it is this program, therefore, only the connection between MediaWiki and the CMS. The strength of the tool is particularly evident in projects where multiple persons are involved in the development and editing of transcripts.

Scripto has the following characteristics:

  • open source transcription software,
  • especially suitable for group projects,
  • is the bridge between the CMS and a wiki,
  • integration with Drupal, Wordpress and Omeka,
  • installation on server room used CMS,
  • installation only suitable for experienced web developers.

Download and install one of the versions programs Transcription for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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