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Buy a CD is not more of this time. Many young people only listen to music by streaming from the internet. This gives you more influence on the music that is being played than, for example, with radio and you have music to download and store.

On this page we give an overview of services, software and mobile apps that let you free music can "stream" (online play via internet connection).


Aurous is a free streaming music player application for Linux, Mac and Windows. The program differs greatly from all other options in this list because it's open source. The program itself, and the music that it can stream are completely free and are even not interrupted by commercials.

With this program you can search for music and online streaming. This eliminates the need for the files so no more first to download and on the hard disk to store. It is also possible to make playlists to create, or existing playlists to import from for example Spotify or YouTube.

You must be really careful with Aurous no music search and playback from illegal sources. It makes also use of the BitTorrent network to stream music files. The software is therefore often compared with the popular open source program for films called Popcorn Time.

Aurous is only in 2015 for the first time appeared, and still has some teething problems. Also unfortunately there are still no mobile apps available for Android and iOS. There is much potential in this open source program. The question is how long it will continue to exist because in October 2015 are the creators of it all of been sued by representatives of the music industry.

Aurous has the following characteristics:

  • free muziekstreamdienst,
  • available under open source license,
  • there are no advertisements shown or played,
  • import playlists from YouTube, Spotify and Pandora,
  • local MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS and WebA play,
  • automatic metadata to their own music files to add,
  • API is available for developing own plugins,
  • suitable for computers, Linux, Mac, Windows, or run.


Baboom is a music service that is founded by Kim Dotcom. The famous internet entrepreneur who previously was responsible for the online service Megaupload and Mega. He calls the service itself is a combination between iTunes and Spotify. Music can not only be streamed, when an artist agrees to give the music also, free or for a fee, be downloaded.

Baboom stands out in a positive or in a negative sense, depending on your taste in music, because it focuses on independent artists. Fans of the Rolling Stones or DJ Hardwell will perform their favorite artists not be found within this service.

Baboom offers like most of the competitor has a mix of paid and free accounts. Users with a free account get advertising to see and hear, paying users are not.

This service looks very nice and for lovers of independent, emerging artists is definitely a must. In addition to the music collection shows Baboom for all the artists among other also a biography and concert schedule.

A nice features in addition is that you also have your own music collection to Baboom can upload and then through all of your devices that connected to the internet are listening to.

The service on each computer to use the website to log in your personal account information. There are also free apps developed for smartphones and tablets on Android or iOS run.

Baboom has the following characteristics:

  • online streaming music service,
  • music with independent artists,
  • own music collection, upload, and play,
  • possibility songs download,
  • use anywhere on the web site, log in,
  • free mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Spotify is a free program that allows you a huge amount of music online stream.

There are several subscription versions are offered. With the free version you can up to 20 hours per month listening to music. You will also get in this version between the numbers by advertising to hear, with the paid version you can listen to music, and with the most expensive premium subscription, you can also music on your smartphone save.

Before you can start using Spotify, you must first create an account or log in with your Facebook account. When you login with Facebook you can also make playlists of all your Facebook friends to see and play. Within the program you can install apps for additional functions and information.

On the basis of the music you play allows the program to other numbers for which you are probably also good will find. Spotify offers a larger music collection than many comparable services.

Spotify has the following characteristics:

  • online music streaming,
  • available in three different versions,
  • free version offers up to 20 hours per month of music,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems,
  • mobile apps available for premium subscribers.


Streaming music services win tremendously in popularity at the expense of old-fashioned CD sales and the iTunes music store. These services are very easy to use, but have the disadvantage that you have your own music, which is not available within services such as Spotify, can't play. MyMusicCloud offers a solution.

MyMusicCloud is a streaming music service that in contrast to most other services, you have your own music allows uploading and streaming. This has in comparison with services such as Spotify, with the advantage that you also have music that is not officially released to stream and that it is cheaper.

Music can be played through the web browser, log in to your own server room or via the mobile apps for smartphone and tablet. There are mobile apps released for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and smart tvs (among other Samsung).

With both the paid as the free version of MyMusicCloud, you can have an unlimited number of tracks to upload. With a free account, the only restriction is that you hold up to 250 songs can be played. Then you will be a paid subscription should be shut down for a few tens per year.

The mobile apps show many similarities with any other music player app. So it seems like the numbers are playing locally on the tablet or smartphone itself are stored. All the music on one of your devices is being played is automatically added to the "Q list". This list is synchronized on all platforms. Via the integrated search field to find songs or artists return.

MyMusicCloud is a good choice when you are looking for a service that lets you listen to your own music at any time and using any platform, can stream. A free account is unfortunately limited to playing a maximum of 250 songs, which means that you quite quickly, a paid subscription must be purchased.

MyMusicCloud has the following characteristics:

  • free music streaming service,
  • unlimited number of songs to upload,
  • free up to 250 songs to play,
  • online streaming platform accessible via web browsers,
  • mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Google Play Music

Since 2013, Google Inc. its own music service also available for Dutch users. This service has the name Google Play Music and can be used via the web browser or the Android mobile app.

The free version of Google Play Music does not offer as much as possible if, for example, Spotify. So, you can not radio stations, create and no music via internet stream. However, you can numbers against a fee to purchase and own songs for free upload and play. Up to 20,000 songs can be stored in the cloud.

When you have a paid subscription for around the 10 euro purchase you can just like in Spotify radio stations to create music streaming and you get suggestions for new songs and artists that you may find interesting on the basis of the music you are listening to.

Google Play Music has the following characteristics:

  • music service offered by Google,
  • buy songs and albums in the integrated music store,
  • free to 20,000 songs to upload, and playback from the cloud,
  • paid version also offers radio stations and online streaming,
  • to use via the website and the Android mobile app.


There are on the internet a lot of free sources for streaming music. The only way it can be a chore to this to find music. In order to tackle this problem is the software Songr developed. This Windows program searches on more than 10 different sites to the music you want to hear. In addition, the music comes with the highest quality (with MP3's expressed in terms of bitrate), the highest in the results.

Songr does not have a built-in music player. When you dial a number by clicking it opens and plays in Windows media Player.

When you text a number but not on the title can come out then you can use a number of words from the song type. Then the application searches online databases for the numbers in which these words occur. With Songr, you can also the biography of the artist and are requesting the music from a YouTube video to save as a separate MP3 file.

When you don't want to pay for your music but not endless want to search on different websites then it is Songr the program what you are looking for. The software is also translated into Dutch. Unfortunately, you can only install if you are using Microsoft Windows.

Songr has the following characteristics:

  • to songs or albums to search in more than ten online music sources,
  • YouTube download and the music to extract and save as MP3,
  • translated into the Dutch language,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


Deezer is a streaming music service that allows you to your favourite music wherever you can listen. Whether you're behind your desktop, smartphone or tablet is the service from anywhere software and apps for released. It is even possible to use without installing anything to music directly via the web browser to stream. For this you need only go to the website and log in with your account.

The database of Deezer contains millions of songs that are categorized by artist, album, genre and playlists. You can within that database, thus several ways to find your favorite music for that moment and play it directly through the stream to start.

Deezer offers paid, but also free subscriptions to. The free version is limited because you have no specific songs to play, but only a particular genre. After selecting a genre such as "classical" or "pop" begins Deezer music in that category to play. In the free version you can between up to six songs per hour forward and in between the songs advertising played. There is no limit on the number of hours that music is streamed.

Deezer has the following characteristics:

  • muziekstreamingdienst that are partly free-to-use,
  • the online service, you can directly through the web browser without installation,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS,
  • free desktop programs available for Mac and Windows.


In this overview, is Subsonic a strange duck in the bite. It is, in fact, no online services that stream music from another source can be streamed. It is a software with which you always and everywhere access to your own music collection. The program is written in Java and is therefore suitable for all operating systems.

To the program to be installed successfully, you must have some knowledge of software is required. After installation on a computer acting as a server should you can play your music through the browser to the correct IP address to surf. Then connection is made with the Subsonic installation on that computer and the music files which are stored remotely to be played back.

Subsonic also offers a paid premium subscription for only $ 1 per month. It also allows you to stream videos and no advertisements in the online environment. In addition, you will receive a personal address that is constructed as follows: When you Subsonic for the first install, you get the first 30 days of free access to these premium features. After this introductory period, you can free to continue using the basic version.

Subsonic is under other in the English language.

Subsonic has the following characteristics:

  • your own movies and music at a distance play,
  • download podcasts and listen to,
  • suitable for the management of more than 100,000 music files,
  • album art and lyrics fetching via Google, allmusic, Wikipedia and Chartlyrics,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems,
  • mobile apps are available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.


Grooveshark is a website that allows you to listen to music.

By a keyword, to give up, you will automatically receive a huge amount of songs and playlists from different sources can be brought together. This can be one for one play, but you can also use numbers to drag into a box at the bottom of the screen to their own playlist. With the "play all" button plays automatically all the songs in the list with results.

You do not have to create an account to use this free service.

Grooveshark has the following characteristics:

  • free online music listen,
  • single tracks, complete CDS or playlists to play,
  • no account required.

Download and install one of the versions programs Stream music for Windows 10.

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