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Download free Usenet newsreader for Windows 10

A newsreader (or news client) is a software application that allows files free via Usenet newsgroups can be downloaded. Were once in this category a variety of free computer programs offered including Unzbin and Ninan. Nowadays, there are still only two free programs that do. In this overview, this free Usenet newsreaders described.

Spotnet 2.0

Spotnet 2.0 is a freeware Usenet program for Windows. Spotnet itself is very popular Usenet software, but unfortunately, since 2011 no longer actively developed. This is highly outdated and has become unstable. Fortunately, in 2015, the successor Spotnet 2.0 is released.

Spotnet 2.0 retrieves all data of music, movies and series on a news server and displays it on a clear way in a library. By clicking on one of the cover art and the download button the file is downloaded from the server.

With the help of extensive search options to filter the database. So, for example, select on 3D movies or audiobooks for targeted search results. Spotnet 2.0 also shows whether the source of a file is trustworthy or not. This prevents the absorption of bad files.

Spotnet 2.0 has the following features:

  • free download of Usenet news servers,
  • displays the images of available CD's and movies,
  • found results filtering with extensive filters,
  • makes use of SABnzbd for downloading,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


SABnzbd is an open source binary newsreader written in Python. The program supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS devices.

SABnzbd simplifies the download process of the Usenet by means of the easy-to-use web-based interface. The system can automatically Usenet files verify, repair, extract and clean up.

SABnzbd has the following characteristics:

  • free Usenet newsreader,
  • web-based user access,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac, Linux and NAS devices


GrabIt is a newsreader for Windows. GrabIt is freeware, so free to use. The program is suitable to binaries from Usenet newsgroups to read and download.

GrabIt has the following characteristics:

  • free Usenet news client,
  • search newsgroups without headers need to download,
  • files automatically repair and extract,
  • SSL support,
  • support of NZB-files.

Download and install one of the versions programs Usenet newsreader for Windows 10.

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