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Download free Login via USB-stick for Windows 10

Do you want your Windows computer even more secure than is the case with a password? Another option is to use a special program to your USB-stick to turn it into a key for the system. That way, someone must be physically on the USB stick have to have access to the system.

An overview of free software that makes this possible can be found on this page.

USB Raptor

USB Raptor is an open source program that not only makes it possible for the computer system to anyone without the correct USB stick to block. It can also be deployed to all Windows system settings to block when the USB stick is not in the computer.

Unlike some of the other programs in this list is USB Raptor is even able to automatically on the basis of the serial number of the USB-stick to determine whether this is appropriate. This ensures a security of the highest level.

The first time you USB Raptor, you will have to first in just three simple steps to set. After that you can have the advanced settings menu to open the operation of the program even further to fit.

USB Raptor has the following features:

  • free computer block and unblock,
  • choice to just settings or the whole system to be secure,
  • provides access only if the correct USB stick in PC
  • only suitable for Windows systems.

Rohos Logon Key Free

Rohos Logon Key Free replaces the Windows password for a USB slot. The advantage of this is that you have very long passwords you can set that you do not have to remember. In addition, it logs it automatically in the system once the USB stick in the computer, is plugged.

The password as that is stored on the USB-stick can be linked to a specific user account. It is password-protected using AES-256 bit encryption, allowing attackers to gain access.

In addition to a free version for Windows operating systems, there is also a version for Mac. Unfortunately the fee to use it after the free trial period.

Rohos Logon Key Free has the following features:

  • computer system to unlock it with USB-stick,
  • no complicated password to remember,
  • can be linked to Windows user account,
  • protected with AES-256 bit encryption,
  • free version for Windows and paid-for Mac.


VSUsbLogon provides a secure way to access the Windows system via a USB stick. This is the default Windows password replacement for a physical key. With this solution, you need no password to remember or to type.

You can choose to have Windows directly to unlock when the USB stick in the computer, but you can for added security additionally also have a pin code set.

A USB stick is probably the most convenient storage medium for VSUsbLogon, but you can also use a hard disk, an iPod, iPhone, or Android phone. The developers warn, preferably no SD card to use. An SD card can be often not the unique serial code to be read.

All gebruikersgegeven be encrypted based on an AES 256 algorithm.

VSUsbLogon has the following characteristics:

  • provides access to computer system with USB-stick,
  • can also be used from smartphone or iPod,
  • no passwords to remember or type,
  • only suitable for Windows systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Login via USB-stick for Windows 10.

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