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People who suffer from dyslexia have difficulty with reading texts. This is also called word blindness called. The problem is not the understanding of the words and the sentences, but that during reading the letters in thoughts to be turned over or exchanged. This makes the reading of long texts on the internet is a time consuming activity.

There are web browsers developed with a special font that is easier to read. On this page you will find an overview of free solutions.

Open Dyslexic

Open Dyslexic is an open source font that is specially developed for people with dyslexia. The bottom of the letters are extra thick printed which dyslexic people are less likely to reverse during the read.

In the below screenshots you can see how the font looks like, and whether this can help to make texts easier to read. Italicized text (Italics) is less diagonally shaped because of the use of Italics reading extra difficult.

This font can be installed on all operating systems to use in an ordinary text editor. A number of Linux distributions have the Open Dyslexic package in their standard repository, these are: Fedora, Arch Linux and Mageia.

There are many other stand-alone programs (not always free) that offer the possibility of OpenDyslexic as the default font. With the free browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Opera you can complete displaying internet pages with this new font.

Open Dyslexic has the following characteristics


OpenWeb is a free web browser app for the iPhone and the iPad. This browser makes use of an open source font designed for dyslexic people.

Within this browser, the texts of web pages are clearer to read. In addition, symbols are darker and thicker shown to distinguish between different sentences and phrases to make it more comprehensible.

By the reading mode to turn everything disappears except for the text. So the whole layout, images, ads, and other issues are hidden. The only thing you see is the text on the entire screen without distracting elements.

This iPhone and iPad app is available for download in the Apple App Store.

OpenWeb has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile browser,
  • open source font (Open Dyslexic) developed for dyslexic people,
  • symbols are displayed with custom font,
  • optional reading mode to text only, full screen display,
  • only available for iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Download and install one of the versions programs Browser for dyslexic people for Windows 10.

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