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With a Human Resource Management (HRM) program, the human resources of a company are maintained. To make the system accessible to all employees within a company can a system be installed on a private server. Then employees can use it by using the web browser to log in.

On this page you will find an overview of free software to an online HRM system.


Qandidate is an online recruitment service of the Dutch soil. Particularly about this is that it is completely free to use. The creators earn money only to the optional coupling with third-party services. So you can post your vacancies doorplaatsen on Monsterboard, Total Jobs and Careerbuilder.

With a few clicks you insert a new vacancy on a separate carrièrepagina for your organization. Candidates can respond instantly after their information is stored in the Qandidate database. To be the first candidates automatically to filter, you add interview questions for that specific vacancy.

Talented candidates who are not for the job selected can be stored in the database. This will be in the future will be automatically linked to new job opportunities that use their talents to connect

Qandidate has the following characteristics:

own career site,

  • vacancies doorplaatsen on (inter)national career site,
  • comprehensive profiles of candidates to create and save,
  • pool of talents save for future vacancies,
  • unlimited number of candidates, vacancies, and manage users.
  • OrangeHRM

    OrangeHRM is an open source HRM package for small and medium sized enterprises.

    The software makes use of PHP, MySQL and Apache HTTP Server. OrangeHRM is to download and use on both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. After installation on your own server space allows all employees within your organization with the proper access codes to log in to the system. The open source software is already more than 700,000 times downloaded.

    In addition to the open source software offers the company behind OrangeHRM also a paid SaaS solution. To do this, your business nothing to install or maintain because this is done by OrangeHRM. This paid solution is to use by to create an account on the website of the developer.

    OrangeHRM has the following characteristics:


    Jorani is a free verlofregistratie program. This tool can, after installation on an own server room be used to leave applications to treat and sick time, and overtime to save.

    When creating a new employee will be prompted for the line manager to appoint. This manager will automatically receive an e-mail when a representative via online Jorani account leave requests or overtime indicates. With a click of the button, the manager can accept it or reject it.

    From the online environment can be extensive reports to be consulted. Also contains, Jorani the opportunity to Excel spreadsheet files with all the data to export.

    With the integrated calendar function allows you to per company, department, or individual employee to see when the free days are scheduled.

    Jorani has the following characteristics:

    • free verlofregistratie program,
    • has an open source license and is therefore free for commercial use,
    • employees via the online dashboard, leave hours and overtime requests,
    • integrated calendar with the free days, per person, department or organization,
    • suitable for complex organizations with subsections and private reports,
    • reports consulted in the online environment, or export as an Excel file.


    WaypointHR is an open source database program that lets you view all important data about your employees can save and search. WaypointHR is available as a free download on a own server space you can install and also as a paid online service.

    WaypointHR has the following characteristics:

    • free HR database program,
    • important data storing with respect to your employees,
    • suitable for Windows and Linux,
    • open source license.


    SimpleHRM is an open source HRM solution. The software is available in a free version and a paid "Professional Edition". The latter includes more features. In both versions the organisation gets access to all source code.

    The free version of SimpleHRM contains 6 modules. You can display information about employees to save, leaves of employees manage, reisverzoeken manage, control expenditure, benefits, manage, and duties of employees to report.

    All employees can use their own account to log in to the system, for example, leave request, expenses to declare and perform their daily tasks to report. The employees with an administrator account, such as the personnel department can then leave applications to accept or reject and declaration to approve. During this process, parties are automatically informed by using e-mail.

    The system can also automatically send emails when an employee nearly a year and when new employees are added or removed. This keeps everyone informed of the staffing, this is especially useful when there are multiple administrators.

    On the site of SimpleHRM, you can log in with a demo account to check their functionality before you install the system.

    SimpleHRM has the following characteristics:

    • open source human resource management program,
    • installation on own server space,
    • leaves, claim, benefits, etc. manage online,
    • automatically send emails after an adjustment in the system,
    • send e-mails when an employee almost birthday,
    • available in a free and a paid version with more features.

    Download and install one of the versions programs Human resource management for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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