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With project management software allows you to all of the projects and the underlying tasks within your organisation to efficiently and effectively monitor and manage. On this page you will find an overview of free project management and planning software. This list contains both of the downloads on your own computer should be to install web-based software you a server space to place and that your team through a web browser can use.

Ganib is open source project management program that is coming soon to this page will be incorporated.

Feng Office Community Edition

Feng Office Community Edition is an open source software package that on your own server space you can install. This package distinguishes itself by an integrated system for all your project management needs. It contains tools for your management, communication with colleagues and customers, time tracking, contact management, create and save notes, document storage including version control, task manager and e-mail.

All components of the package work seamlessly together. So the attachments of received e-mails stored within the online space. In addition, you can use automatic ticket creation for e-mails to your customer service to be sent and the time that is to be spent can be directly measured with the help of the time registration module.

When you are looking for an integral system that all of your loose current project management and collaboration tools can replace is S Office is a good choice. The software is offered in two different versions. A SaaS (Software as a Service) version that you can use directly against payment of a monthly subscription fee and an open source version that you first need to install. This open source version is Feng Office Community Edition.

Feng Office Community Edition has the following features:

  • open source version called "community edition",
  • tasks, subtasks and milestones, store and manage,
  • documents online, save and manage
  • crm system to keep all your contacts,
  • calendar function to o.a. events, tasks, and milestones in the plans,
  • take notes at conversations, documents, etc.,
  • the server must have Apache, MySQL and PHP installed.


Taiga is an open source project management tool with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

This software for developers, project managers and all other persons who are involved in a project to answer important questions. This will include which part of the project already completed is, what the workload is, or deadlines to be achieved, what your next task within a project, etc. With the Taiga project management tool to get all stakeholders to directly answer these questions.

The problem with project management software is often that the data within it is stored is not accurate. This is because people make the effort not to take on the system log and a status change. The developers of Taiga tackle this problem, an intuitive tool to develop that will seamlessly integrate into the regular workflow of developers.

In February 2014, is the company behind Taiga was founded, and since that time the open source software offered for free on the platform of GitHub.

Creating new projects is so easy. You choose a template (Agile or Kanban), gives it a name and description, and the project is ready to start. When you for Agile choose, you get the opportunity to sprints and create "user stories" to add. Kanban is another template that allows you to post-it-like task panes with drag-and-drop features to create.

Taiga also provides a detailed issue manager including fields for type, priority, etc. Individual employees may be within the system to indicate when they have too much tasks and under the pressure threatening to collapse.

The virtual conference room within the software is integrated is based on AppearIn and Talky.

Taigia is a fairly new tool that is still in development. If you are looking for a contemporary project management tool that you use on your own server, you can install then this is definitely worth a try.

Taiga has the following characteristics:

  • free project management application,
  • features an open source license,
  • integrated video conference functions,
  • employees can be a high workload report,
  • manage projects using Agile or Kanban methodology,
  • environment connect to on the workflow involved,
  • installation on own server space required,
  • built on Django and AngularJS.

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie is an open source PHP package for managing projects and issues with respect to software development.

The free package should be installed on a own server space and then via any web browser to use. You can also choose to have a subscription to the hosted version. For this you will need a minimum of $ 15 per month depending on the number of users, but you do not care more for the hosting and maintenance of the software.

Despite being a fully open source package is concerned, the functionality is very complete. In addition to creating and follow up of issues and integration with all popular version control systems for source code is it possible to, per project wiki to create and maintain.

The Bug Genie can automatically create a schedule with milestones for your projects generate. This gives you an overview of the current progress in completing these goals. This information can for every member of the team on the user control panel to be placed.

By default, the project management package is already a clear and beautiful user interface. Since the software is fully open source you can easily customize functions or add.

The Bug Genie has the following characteristics:

  • projects and issues, create and manage
  • integration with Git, Mercurial and Subversion version control systems for software code,
  • integrated system for maintaining a wiki for each project,
  • supports the work according to the Agile development method,
  • automatically receive e-mail when important changes or updates of the project,
  • adjustable user interface for the display of all the important dates,
  • project teams and roles for users (e.g. tester, translator or manager),
  • download and install on a server room or subscribe to a hosted version.


Redmine is an open source project management program that you are on a private server space for you to install. Then can everyone in your organization with the proper access code, the system via internet use. The package is written in Ruby on Rails.

This web-based software supports managing multiple projects at the same time. Each user is assigned a role (for example project manager or developer) that is also used for each project can vary. You have the choice to projects all the way to make it public or only for members accessible.

The program also contains a calendar, an issue tracker, a wiki for each project and supports Gantt charts. Each of these modules can each project be turned on or off.

Redmine has been translated into more than 30 languages, including Dutch.

Redmine has the following characteristics:

  • free project management software,
  • open source,
  • notifications about important project updates via e-mail or feeds,
  • issues create via e-mail, role-based access to certain project information,
  • integrated time tracking system,
  • for each project an individual forum and/or wiki create,
  • support for LDAP authentication,
  • written in Ruby on Rails.


ProjectLibre has as its goal a fully-fledged open source alternative to Microsoft Project. In addition to the fact that the user interface is virtually identical, the program can also Microsoft Project import and export files.

The project is based on OpenProj which the development after acquisition by the company Serena Software in 2008, still falling. In 2012, therefore, is a fork of this project and are the original founders of OpenProj has continued under the current name ProjectLibre. And with success because the software is already more than 5 million times downloaded by people from all over the world.

This project management program supports the use of Gantt charts, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) diagrams, PERT charts, Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) charts, and perform an Earned Value analysis.

ProjectLibre has the following characteristics:

  • open source project management software,
  • makes use of a ribbon user interface,
  • without restrictions PDF-files export,
  • print function for the printing of project information,
  • available for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Trac is an open source issue tracker and project management system for companies that are active in the software development. The software is written in the Python programming language.

The package is web-based, so, after installation on your server space can be all programmers and project managers within your company are using the system by logging in via a web browser.

The user interface is very simplistic. When you are looking for a modern design then you'd better have described above The Bug Genie install. However, the online environment is very clear and within a short time will any employee with this project management system can work.

Trac has the following characteristics:

  • open source project management and issue tracking system,
  • written in the Python programming language,
  • after installation on an own server room with every web browser accessible.


TaskJuggler is an open source project management tool. The program can be used for the entire project management process to manage.

TaskJuggler is written in Ruby and helps project managers with the entire process from the first idea to the completion of a project.

TaskJuggler has the following characteristics:

  • program to tasks,
  • resources and costs to manage,
  • comprehensive and customizable reporting features,
  • different templates to start,
  • projects tracking and status reporting,
  • graphical user interface for easy projects and Gantt charts and generate reports,
  • unlimited number of scenarios in preparation for the same project,
  • CSV data export for exchange with Office packages,
  • risk analysis,
  • flexible working hours and holidays set,
  • support of multiple time zones,
  • support for profit/loss analysis,
  • HTML and XML reporting,
  • tasks can initial cost and/or afrondingskosten,
  • resources can cost,
  • generation of iCal files for data exchange with standard productivity programs.


OpenProject is an open source project management application written in Ruby on Rails. This software can be downloaded for free from GitHub and install it on the server space of your organization.

This application lends itself particularly to software development projects, for example, a git or a subversion repository are integrated. In addition, it offers features that a method according to the Agile or Scrum method.

The time and money to a project are spent can be displayed in concise reports. It is also shown how much budget is still available for a specific project which you can check whether it is still on schedule.

You can agendas for meetings and prepare the minutes manage including links to tickets, milestones, and documents within the project.

Other means of communication that are available are a wiki for each project, and a forum - and nieuwsfunctie to each member of the team informed of important developments.

OpenProject has the following characteristics:

  • open source project management system,
  • installation on an own server space required,
  • each project team is available online and can log in to the system via a web browser,
  • integrated versioning within the document management system,
  • wiki's manage for each project,
  • generate reports of the time and costs of a project have been spent,
  • tasks, bugs, change requests, statuses, priorities, and manage messages,
  • written in Ruby on Rails.


ProjectPier is an open source project management software written in PHP. After installation on a server space, allows you all tasks, projects and teams within an organization to manage.

ProjectPier is intended for organizations in a wide range of sectors, not specifically for companies engaged in software development such as Redmine and The Bug Genie.

The system includes three different levels for the management of user rights. These are the administrators, users of the private company and the users of the customer's company. You can change the rights of users of the company of the client set per-project. So can you, it may or may not give the ability to milestones, tasks, or tickets to edit.

You can create an unlimited number of employees and projects add to the system. Since it's open source, you do not have to pay for it. To ensure that all relevant team members are aware of important developments in the progress of the project, you can use the system e-mail messages sent for important updates. By plugins, you can install additional features to the project management system.

ProjectPier has the following characteristics:

  • open source project management software,
  • automatically receive emails when changes are made to projects,
  • unlimited number of users and add projects,
  • messages and tasks can be linked to milestones,
  • search on text in messages, tasks, milestones, and files,
  • projects can be part of hierarchy of projects,
  • use tags to organize messages, tasks, milestones, and files, to categorize,
  • written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.


GanttProject is an open source project management tool. GanttProject is focused on providing a user-friendly interface. The program offers less features than a commercial project management software like Microsoft Project, but for the basic functions is GanttProject very suitable.

With this program you can use personnel and other resources assigned to a project and the progress by phase follow.

The created charts can be saved as PNG image and you can PDF, and HTML reports to generate.

Projects with your colleagues can be shared via WebDAV. It is also possible to Microsoft Project files to import and export. The stored data can to spreadsheets to be exported via a CSV file.

GanttProject has the following characteristics:

  • project management and planning software,
  • open source,
  • import and export projects to Microsoft Project,
  • convert to PDF is possible,
  • possibility to the project planning on a web server to publish.

Download and install one of the versions programs Project management for Windows 10.

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