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Download free Weather forecast for Windows 10

For the monitoring of the current and future weather and rain expected is a large number of resources available. When you are really a fanatical follower of the weather, you can consider to use a program on the computer or an app on the smartphone to install.

On this page you will find an overview of free programs and mobile apps for tracking the weather, the rain, and even natural disasters.


RainAlarm is a free service that via an app on the mobile phone or a plugin for the web browser warns of impending rain, hail, snow or thunderstorms.

As you are used to from, for example, the Radar you will see a radaranimatie of the showers over the country. Also, both the app and the plugin inform you when the bad weather within a radius of the number of kilometers you set is approaching. You can also increase the sensitivity (also reported at only light drizzle or not), and the frequency of search (the number of minutes). The message indicates how far the showers of you, what the force is and what the surface of the regengebied.

By default, RainAlarm a notification when storms up to 75 miles have come and are still one at 30 km.

The free version of the app contains ads. For a one-off payment all of the ads are always blocked.

RainAlarm has the following characteristics:

  • free showers alarm for laptop, mobile and tablet,
  • reports of rain, lightning, hail, and snow,
  • radius set which is searched,
  • sensitivity of notifications,
  • gives standard current or manually-captured location,
  • mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone,
  • browser extension suitable for Chrome and Firefox,
  • desktop application available for Windows 8,
  • also available via the website.


Degrees installs a small icon in the menu bar of Mac OS with the temperature and the current weather conditions (for example, foggy, sunny or rain).

The free version of the app shows the current weather on the basis of a preset location or the location specified by the program is automatically detected based on your IP address.

If you also use weather forecasts to see than you can function for a one-time payment of less than 2 euro within the app purchases.

In conclusion, this is a useful program for Mac users who are always in a glance want to see if they have a jacket should wear out or not. For the real meteorologists, or people who are interested in the backgrounds of the again contains the to few functions.

Degrees has the following characteristics:

  • weather in menu bar, show,
  • against one-time payment, forecast,
  • automatically determines your location via your IP-address,
  • temperature and weerconditie as an icon,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.

AccuWeather Toolbar

AccuWeather Community Toolbar is a free toolbar that you use in the web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome can install.

This toolbar shows the current local weather information and predictions directly in your browser without an app having to open or a website need to visit. The displayed data is supplied by the worldwide popular news source

AccuWeather Toolbar has the following characteristics:

  • free toolbar shows you weather forecasts directly in the browser,
  • available for the browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari,
  • suitable for the operating systems of Linux, Mac and Windows.


YoWindow is a free program for Windows and Mac computers.

The current weather conditions and weather forecasts are a beautiful way to display animated images of a landscape, for example, with sun, fog, lightning, rain, or when the night is only a moon that gives light. You can create a landscape picture with a transparent background add which is then used in the weather animation.

By scrolling you can the weather for the coming days. To mobile apps for Android and iOS is being worked on and this will in the short term be released.

YoWindow has the following characteristics:

  • current weather animations view,
  • own landscape for animation,
  • available for Windows and Mac,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts is a free program that allows real weather enthusiasts the most extreme weather conditions on the entire world can follow.

You can use this program in almost real time, the route of hurricanes on a map of the world to follow including extensive reports and radar images with the current situation. You can set that you receive messages with certain types of natural disasters at set locations on the world. You can, for example, an audio warning, or receive an e-mail.

The software retrieves the new data during the use through the internet, so to use the program your computer must have a working internet connection.

Earth Alerts has the following characteristics:

  • free program for monitoring of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes,
  • extreme weather conditions follow,
  • integration with Google Earth for the display of the situation after disaster,
  • available for Mac and Windows.


The radar is in the first place, a web site that you can check whether there is short-term rain is to come. The prediction is the most accurate to up to three hours in the future.

The radar also offers a program for Windows desktop computers, and smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS.

The radar has the following characteristics:

  • free rain forecast, weather forecast, radar images and file information,
  • available for Microsoft Windows,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Download and install one of the versions programs Weather forecast for Windows 10.

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