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Download free Website statistics for Windows 10

When you have a website you will probably also want to know how many visitors the website has and where they came from. On this page we give an overview of free programs that allow you to visitor statistics you can collect and view.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website statistics service of Google Inc. In order to use this service you must log in with a Google account. You then generate a JavaScript code that you place on your own web site. The statistics are then via a web browser by logging in to the Google Analytics site.


Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics. This software allows you to free download and install on their own server room. Then all the data stored in your own database. So you have full control over this information.

Piwik displays the statistics in real-time. It gives you detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines used, the keywords used, the language they speak, the most popular pages of your site, etc.

Piwik has the following characteristics:

  • free statistics software,
  • open source,
  • installation on own server space,
  • makes use of PHP and MySQL,
  • dashboard is like Google Analytics to your own liking with the help of drag & drop widgets.


FireStats is a web statistics program. It is only free for non-commercial use. For a commercial license must be per installation money to be paid.

FireStats can be installed on any PHP website, but there are also specific plugins are available for the following platforms:

Open Web Analytics (OWA)

Open Web Analytics has almost the same user interface as Google Analytics, but offers even more possibilities. So can this software a heatmap of the clicks of visitors and the movement of visitors to be included.

Unlike Google Analytics you need to Open Web Analytics on a private server room to install this to be able to use. The advantage of this would be that you are not automatically all the visitor have to share with Google. The disadvantage is that the installation of Open Web Analytics a bit more work cost than the use of Google Analytics.

Open Web Analytics (OWA) has the following characteristics:

  • statistics software,
  • open source,
  • very extensive functionality,
  • built-in integration with MediaWiki and WordPress,
  • API to export data,
  • funnels, create,
  • Javascript tracking client,
  • PHP tracking client,
  • heatmap of mouse clicks to view,
  • the mouse movements of visitors to include.

Download and install one of the versions programs Website statistics for Windows 10.

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