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Twitter is an internet service where users are short messages of up to 140 characters to publish. A desktop client makes it easy to Twitter messages from others to be able to follow and create new messages to post.

Tweetz Desktop

Tweetz Desktop is a Twitter client for Windows computers. This is by default "hidden" in a corner of your desktop. Optionally, it can also the attached images within the interviews will be shown immediately.

After you Tweetz Desktop opens, you will see both the home screen, mentions, and direct messages in one screen. So you do not have to constantly switch between windows to the different timelines to follow.

Tweetz Desktop is translated in many languages including English. The software supports various keyboard shortcuts. This can be accessed by the question mark key (?) in press.

The choice for a favorite Twitter client is very personal. When you are a small, well-organized tool is Tweetz Desktop and use the Windows operating system then this program is definitely worth a try.


Echofon is a Twitter client for Mac and Windows and an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. In addition, it is also available as a plugin for the Firefox web browser.

In the free version of this Twitter client, ads will be displayed. When you have no ads then you need the paid PRO version purchase.

With Echofon, you do tweets not to read things twice. All unread tweets are synced automatically between all of your devices. You can set when you'd like to get for new tweets and mentions. At night, not to be woken up by these notifications, you can select a period of time to indicate where notifications should arrive.

Echofon has the following characteristics:

  • available for Windows and Mac,
  • plugin available for Firefox browser,
  • free app available for iPhone and iPad,
  • unread tweets in sync between PC, iPhone and iPad,
  • notifications for new messages and mentions.


YoruFukurou is a free Twitter client for Mac operating systems. The name is the Japanese term for owl. Twitter provides access to a huge amount of information. The supply of information, therefore, is not the problem, but the efficient filtering of all tweets sometimes cause problems. To make this process easier, you can use YoruFukurou different set filters to see only the best tweets to show.

This free Twitter client comes with many options and possibilities, but it is not intuitive to operate. This will partly be due to the program by the Japanese has been developed. So is the "follow" button is not directly.

Even though the software has a longer learning curve has contains, especially for advanced twitter users, convenient filter functions. If you have a Mac computer and find that the web interface of Twitter itself is too limited then we recommend using YoruFukurou a time free to install.

YoruFukurou has the following characteristics:

  • freeware Twitter client,
  • not intuitive but still good filter functions,
  • download the official Mac App Store,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.


TweetCaster is a free Twitter app for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. After it has set, you can see a social dashboard that gives an overview of all of your different Twitter accounts. You do not have to limit it to one account to read information and share. It also trends, tweets from the surroundings, recommendations and saved hashtags shown.

TweetCaster can tweets to schedule at a later date or a later date to send. You can from the photos app, videos, and internet links to your tweets to add. The client contains 12 different colorful templates to change the appearance to match.

Services to later, articles to read, such as Pocket, Instapaper and Readability, can you Im link.

TweetCaster has the following features:

  • free app for smartphones and tablets,
  • multiple Twitter accounts managing,
  • other users to follow and unfollow,
  • users in private and public lists places,
  • tweets simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter,
  • tweets to schedule for later time to send,
  • create or respond to @mentions and direct messages,
  • retweets and replies on tweets to view,
  • photos and videos uploading and editing,
  • search for tweets based on keywords,
  • twitter users in your immediate vicinity to search,
  • your Twitter profile view and edit,
  • mobile app for Android and iOS.


Janetter is a free Twitter client for Windows and Mac. Janetter is being developed by a Japanese organization.

Janetter is characterized by the ability to the appearance to match. For example, users can choose a theme, change the font or background setting.

There is also a mobile app available for iPhone and iPad. A version for Android is in development.

Janetter has the following characteristics:

  • free Twitter client for desktop and mobile,
  • 27 different themes to choose from or create a theme,
  • real-time updates of new tweets,
  • support of multiple Twitter accounts,
  • pop-ups to display new tweets,
  • ability to speed dial keys to use for many functions,
  • available for Mac and Windows,
  • mobile app for iOS.


Yoono is a free social network client for all major desktop operating systems for the iPhone and iPad. You can use the program to your friends to communicate through popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and chatting via popular instant messaging networks.

With this program you can easily links, images and video on the internet to share. You can do this through multiple social networks at the same time. It also allows you to quickly see your status update for all your social media accounts.

By your instant messenger accounts to add, you don't need more separate on all networks to log in to chat with your contacts.

Yoono supports the following networks:

Yoono has the following characteristics:

  • free social network client,
  • available for Windows, Linux and Mac,
  • mobile app available for the iPhone and iPad,
  • browser plugin available for Firefox and Google Chrome,
  • portable version available for use from a USB stick.


TweetDeck is a free Twitter desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux. The program makes it possible to use different Twitter posts in columns. So is it easier to get all messages on one screen.

The company behind TweetDeck in may 2011 purchased by Twitter for $ 40 million.

TweetDeck has the following characteristics:

  • free Twitter desktop client,
  • organize Tweets into different columns,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad),
  • key combinations set up for common actions,
  • Twitter Cards display,
  • also be used online, by logging in to the website.

Download and install one of the versions programs Twitter client for Windows 10.

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