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A mind map is a graphical representation that a concept, thought or theory, represented and systematically links to related matters.

With colors and patterns can ideas more clearly and easier to be transmitted and are used to communicate or to develop further. offers both an online mind mapping tool as a free iOS app for the same purposes. Everything within aims to be in so short a time as possible a attractive mind map to create. This can be done by logging in to the website or the app on an iPhone or iPad to install.

Unfortunately this service is not free and unlimited to use. With the free package you can create up to three mind maps and make them as HTML or save image. The paid packages give the possibility to an unlimited number of mind maps to create without a logo of the service to be added. is an easy to use program. With regards to the design is a bit outdated, the developers have however already announced that soon a new version to launch. has the following features:

  • online mind maps,
  • up to three mind maps with the free version,
  • created mindmaps, e-mail, or print out,
  • progress is meanwhile automatically saved,
  • mobile app for iPhone and iPad.


FreeMind is free mind-mapping software that allows you to your ideas can develop and visualize. FreeMind is written in Java, so the program needs Java runtime environment installed on the computer (free of charge). The free mind mapping tool is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh OS X.

With FreeMind, you can display links to visualize the steps you will take to achieve your goal and what has already been reached.

FreeMind has the following characteristics:

  • mind mapping program
  • open source license
  • functioning HTML links to process in a mind map
  • a part of the folder to fold up or unfold with one click of the mouse
  • drag & drop support
  • mind map export to HTML file
  • copy and paste is possible from FreeMind into other programs or from other programs to FreeMind (such as, for example, from a Word file)
  • mind maps are saved in XML format so it is easy to saved mind maps at a later time to open with a different mind map program


XMind is an open source brainstorming and mind mapping program. XMind helps in capturing ideas, creating charts and sharing of mind maps.

Mind maps can be uploaded to the server, XMind and users can access these mind maps then anywhere on the internet in a page embedding.

XMind has the following characteristics:

  • open source mind-mapping software,
  • winner of the SourceForge 2009 Community Choice Award,
  • import of map files from MindManager and Freemind as possible,
  • export to HTML, GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP formats as possible,
  • add hyperlinks and notes in mind map


Freeplane is a free mind mapping program based on FreeMind. The software is written in Java and can run on any operating system that supports Java. These include: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Freeplane has the following characteristics:

  • free mind mapping program
  • open source
  • available in English
  • runs on all operating systems that support Java, including: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • also available as a portable application (file without installation directly can be started)


iMindMap is mind mapping software offered by ThinkBuzan. There is also a free version of the program under the name of iMindMap Basic.

The mind maps you create with this program you can export and save it as an image so that you everyone can share without the other one first, a program needs to install.

iMindMap Basic has the following features:

  • free mind mapping software
  • also translated into Dutch
  • suitable for Windows, Linux and Mac


MindMaple is a mind mapping program for Windows. The free version, MindMaple Lite, offers less features than the paid version, but it is still useful for creating a simple mind map.

MindMaple has the following characteristics:

  • mind map software
  • free version available
  • attachments to a mind map, add
  • add hyperlinks
  • colors of cubes to add
  • add images
  • mind map export to MS Office
  • files only available for Windows


Blumind is a free mind mapping tool for Windows operating systems. The program is available in an install version and a portable version that you use from an USB-stick can boot.

Blumind has the following characteristics:

  • mind mapping tool
  • available as installer and as a portable software
  • freeware license
  • available for Microsoft Windows

Edraw Mind Map

Edraw mind Map is available in two different versions. A paid professional version and a freeware version. The last contains only the function to map, it does not support the creation of other graphic objects.

Edraw mind Map is definitely not the most easy-to-use mind map program in this overview. The main advantage over the others is that it is very much standard forms that you in your schema can use (for example, a square, cloud, star, diamond shape, etc.).

Edraw mind Map has the following characteristics:

  • freeware mind mapping program for Windows,
  • also available in a paid more comprehensive version,
  • select one of the thousands of standard forms,
  • provides little support for the connecting blocks.

Download and install one of the versions programs Mind mapping for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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