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To video and audio formats to convert other formats it is best to Mediacoder . This allows you to not only formats but also, for example, only the audio of a video filter out. For example, you can make a music CD from a concert DVD.

On this page we give an overview of free programs that you can use a film mount and there subtitles or sound to add.

Another program that will soon also be added to that list will be is a Vidiot.

GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio is specially released to film with a GoPro-camera to edit. But there is nothing in the way to the program also use it for other videos, and digital photos.

GoPro Studio includes several templates of professionally-edited GoPro movies. By the movie clips to be replaced for your own videos you can create in a short time a beautiful video. In addition you can mount your own background music, titles, and modify via the settings of the playback speed. In no time you, as a professional video editing produced. This video editor, you can also use to make timelapse movies from your digital photos to make.

GoPro Studio has the following features:

  • automatically import videos,
  • play video clips and view photos,
  • photos as a time lapse video playback,
  • clips mixing and editing,
  • available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Windows Movie Creator

Movie Creator is offered by Microsoft for devices that run on Windows. These are both desktop, tablet and mobile. With this program you can combine photos, videos and music into an attractive film.

The software and the app contain a clear manual, but even without that read you in a few minutes a nice movie.

A fun option for photos and videos to select on the basis of location is integrated. This will give you an overview of all recordings on a particular location are taken. Prerequisite for this is that your tablet or smartphone, this data also records but by default this option is always on.

The different default themes make it easy to quickly find a good result to put down. Additional themes can be downloaded from the integrated "Themes Store". In combination with filters (for example, effect of an old film reel) and animations (for example, still images such as the announcement of a komedieserie), this gives your video a professional look.

Windows Movie Creator is a free download from the official download stores of Microsoft.

Windows Movie Creator has the following features:

  • free video montages created
  • images, videos, and music combine,
  • animations and filters to add movie,
  • footage search based on location,
  • freeware offered by Microsoft itself,
  • only suitable for Windows and Windows Phone.


Lightworks is a professional video editing program. It is available as freeware but for some advanced features must be paid.

Although this program is the most comprehensive free video cutter is that you'll encounter that has a disadvantage. It takes pretty much time to get the program to really get the hang of. You will probably also often the instruction manual is needed because the user interface is not so obvious.

Lightworks is also used in the production of some hollywood movies. It is intended that the program in the future become available under an open source license.

Originally it was only for Microsoft Windows developed. Since the end of 2014, this video editing software suitable for all popular operating systems.

Lightworks has the following characteristics:

  • free video editing software,
  • freeware license in the future, open source),
  • projects while the work is automatically saved,
  • highly advanced features which is also used in cinema,
  • suitable for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux.

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker is a video editing software that you access via your web browser can use. With this online service, you can use videos from YouTube or Vimeo edit. Also, you can use other HTML5 videos that are stored online.

Popcorn Maker makes it possible to get content from other online services. These include: Google Maps,, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

Popcorn Maker has the following features:

  • online video editor,
  • video from Vimeo, YouTube or other online sources to use,
  • excerpts from video cut, or repeat,
  • text, audio, links and images add video.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a freeware video editing program for Windows computers.

With this software you can, among other effects, filters, drawings and texts add on videos that you import from your own computer. In addition, you can customize colors and transitions between clips that you stick together to select. The program supports the following video formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV, MKV, RM/ RMVB, 3GP/ 3G2, H. 264/ AVC, AVCHD/ MTS/ M2TS, TOD/ MOD and TS. So you will as good as all of your video files can use. In addition, you can also pictures and other graphics into your video processing in JPG, PNG and PSD format and are MP3, OGG and WMA audio files are supported. Allows you to (background)music or spoken text in a movie.

When you are done editing, select the device for which the processed video file you want to export. Possible options include PC, DVD, smartphone, XBOX, or MP3/ MP4.

VSDC Free Video Editor offers many opportunities to be a beautiful film to put together and edit. It is a disadvantage that there are hardly any manuals or other support is available. So you will by yourself a lot to try to learn how this program works.

VSDC Free Video Editor has the following features:

  • freeware video editing software
  • ability to videos created on DVD to burn
  • filters, texts, transition effects, etc. add,
  • colors of a video change,
  • supports many different image, audio and film formats,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


VirtualDub is a video editing program for Windows. It allows you to, among other analogue videos to copy, and digital video compilation of different movies.

The software is open source and is actively developed.

VirtualDub has the following characteristics:

  • Windows video editing software
  • convert video files,
  • compress files,
  • parts of movies, cut,
  • films from sticking to each other,
  • videos in batch, edit,
  • filters use.


OpenShot is an open source program, with which digital video can be edited. The software is only suitable for Linux operating systems.

You can see all your videos, photos and music to import to in a film to be processed. You can transitions, effects and subtitles to add and the result export to DVD, YouTube or Vimeo. The media files you can drag it to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. There you can add music to one or multiple fragments can add by this in the same location on the timeline. You can have an unlimited number of layers of films, photos and sound files add to the film as well. Of course, you can use this film to trim and adjust the volume level.

Also, advanced features are supported such as the import of SVG vector files for titles, how to add 3D animations and change the playback speed to create slow motion effects.

OpenShot has the following characteristics:

  • open source video editing software
  • transitions between clips or add photos,
  • ability to make use of 3D animation titles,
  • playback speed of the film modify (e.g. slow motion),
  • can handle SVG vector files for titles and credits,
  • only suitable for Linux operating systems.


VLMC is an open source program that is developed by the creators of VLC media Player.

VLMC is currently not yet suitable for the average user, but professional users can use the software already install and testing. The software is available for all popular operating systems. It can be both almost all video file formats import and export. In addition, the possibility to play videos directly to YouTube upload integrated.

VLMC has the following characteristics:

  • open source video editing software
  • from the creators of VLC media Player,
  • integrated YouTube upload function,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows.


Avidemux is a video editor. This open source software is suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux. It allows you to apply video filters, clips from movies cut and films from sticking to each other.

As with most other video-editing programs, you will have the time to take to good with this software to learn to deal with. The features are not very extensive, but Avidemux does what it promises.

Big advantages of this program are that it's open source, that it is suitable for all operating systems and that there is a very good manual is available in the form of a wiki page. In addition, you can also support of other users via the official Avidemux forum.

Avidemux has the following characteristics:

  • free video editing software
  • open source license,
  • parts of movies are cut and the movies merge,
  • add background music,
  • apply filters including tilt, movies, backwards playback, remove noise, and add subtitles
  • convert videos to a different file format,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Adobe Presenter Video Express

Adobe Presenter Video Express is a easy-to-use program for Mac computers that allows you to do simple video editing can run. The program is offered by Adobe because the commercial version of Adobe Presenter is only suitable for Windows operating systems.

With Adobe Presenter Video Express allows you a dynamic movie, along with using your own slides, and video clips. You can use the video clips to edit through this, among other trimming, resize, and brightness and focus are automatically adjusted. The audio quality improves by suppressing the background noise.

You can get the attention of the viewer to a specific part to establish this during the editing process to zoom in. To watch the video all the way down to select one of the video clips that are included for the film to start and exit. Throughout the video, you can create a logo in the screen. This makes Adobe Presenter Video Express not only suitable for personal but also for business use.

The processing of the video happens on a remote server from Adobe, or in the cloud. This is less use made of the computing power of your own system, and it is not delayed.

When you are satisfied with the result then you can change the video with one click upload to your Dropbox or YouTube account to share with your friends, family, business partners or the rest of the world.

Adobe Presenter Video Express has the following features:

  • easy video editing software
  • available only for the Mac OS,
  • videos to trim, resize, zoom, and the sharpness, and adjust brightness,
  • dynamic mix of slides and video clips,
  • your (company)logo in the video process,
  • your video directly from the program on Dropbox or YouTube,
  • very intuitive user interface.

Download and install one of the versions programs Video editing software for Windows 10.

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