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Enterprise Resource Planning is also abbreviated to ERP. With ERP software, you can use all resources of the organization such as supplies, people, finance and machinery manage and plan. An ERP system provides the basis for the organization, with these systems, among other things, the financial, inventory, purchasing, sales and personeeladmistratie tracked.

With a good ERP software package, all business processes such as accounting, logistics and inventory systems connected to each other so that all the information for all employees within an organization is available.

Opentaps ERP & CRM

Opentaps ERP & CRM is an open source package which gives you an ERP and a CRM system for your company can be set up.

The software you can install on your own server or a cloud-based, such as Amazon EC2. On the site of the developer is clearly uitgegelegd how you use Amazon EC2 to set up Opentaps.

The software can also be used to have a shop to start and manage the integration with Magento. That package supports an unlimited number of stores, catalogs and products.

Opentaps includes several modules including warehousing, financial management, purchasing, supply chain management, business intelligence and CRM.

Opentaps is used by several international organizations including Honeywell and Toyota UK.

Opentaps has the following characteristics:

  • open source ERP and CRM package,
  • integration with Magento is possible,
  • different modules are available.


Pentaho offers a Business Intelligence solution that has the following features: reporting, analysis, dashboarding, data mining, workflow, warehousing and data integration.

The ERP-system of Pentaho is built from various Open Source Business Intelligence components in the Pentaho-package bundled in one single Business Intelligence platform.

Pentaho has the following features:

  • reports,
  • dashboards,
  • analyses,
  • data mining,
  • workflow,
  • framework.

Openbravo ERP

Openbravo is Open Source ERP software. Openbravo ERP is a web-based ERP system that is especially suitable for the small and medium enterprises.

Openbravo ERP provides the following functions: Sales Management (CRM), Project Management, Procurement, Warehousing, Services Management, Production Management, Economic & Financial Management and Business Intelligence.

Due to the application of open standard Openbravo ERP can be integrated with other open source applications such as Magento, Pentaho Business Intelligence, SugarCRM and Liferay Portal.

Openbravo ERP has the following characteristics:

  • free web-based ERP-system,
  • easy installation,
  • bundled download with third-party software,
  • management, sales automation,
  • management customer support and service.


WebERP is an open source ERP software that you install on a private server room. The only thing you then need to have the system use a web browser and a PDF reader.

WebERP is developed from a number of principles. Thus, an integrated best-practice solution for the colleges of business administration offer, a minimum of burden on the network on which it is installed, the scripts should be easy by companies themselves to edit and the system should be platform independent.

WebERP has the following characteristics:

  • free ERP software,
  • open source license,
  • runs on any web server that supports PHP,
  • export reports to PDF files,
  • all the reports and scripts are easy to edit using PHP text.

xTuple ERP

xTuple ERP is an ERP package in both a commercial and an open source version is offered. The open source version is known under the name Postbooks Edition.

xTuple ERP has the following characteristics:

  • open source ERP software,
  • written in C++,
  • makes use of a PostgreSQL database.

Compiere ERP + CRM

Compiere ERP & CRM is among other things available in an open source version. This is free to download. Compiere ERP is in terms of functionality comparable with commercial software packages.

Compiere ERP is a modular build so that it can be matched to the needs of the organization, it offers everything a discerning organization needs: from ERP - and CRM - systems to e-commerce. Of real-time voorraadoverzichten to automated links to Interpay. Of individual invoices to financial statements.

Compiere ERP + CRM software provides support in the management of the following processes:

  • marketing,
  • acquisition & sale,
  • order entry,
  • purchasing,
  • inbound logistics,
  • inventory management,
  • outbound logistics,
  • financial accounting,
  • management reporting.


OpenERP is an open source ERP package that you can use by using a web browser to log in. OpenERP is developed by a Belgian organisation, and developers in Belgium and India sit. The ERP system is used in more than 70 countries actively used.

The company offers an open source download that you have to install and maintain, and is a SaaS solution for which you month-to-month 35 euro per user per month must pay. On the site you are directly Speaking demo to use the capabilities of the system to the test. For this demo, click on one of the 12 categories in the bar at the top of the window on the OpenERP website.

OpenERP has the following characteristics:

  • open source ERP system,
  • web-based solution that is installed on a server should be,
  • fees apply also available as a SaaS solution,
  • available in English.

Download and install one of the versions programs Enterprise resource planning for Windows 10.

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