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A library needs a system to its clients to register and uitleenproces to manage. There are several good open source solutions available. In English, these computer programs are referred to by the acronym ILS (Integrated Library System).

On this page you will find an overview of the best free library catalog software.


BiblioteQ is a open source catalog program that libraries helps to have a catalogue of the available books on building, customers have to register and the uitleenproces to manage. The tool is multifunctional and can cross-platform be used. It is particularly suitable for small libraries to organizations such as schools, churches and hospitals.

BiblioteQ provides a simple user interface to not only books, but also CDs, DVDs, (scientific) magazines and video games to catalog.

Items with an ISBN or ISSN number can be on the basis of this code, all information can automatically be searched from the database of the Library of Congress and Columbia University. Imported books are automatically images are linked via

For each client, makes BiblioteQ a unique identifier. There is basic information about customers to be linked, such as contact details and leenhistorie.

Other features are the display of items that shows are brought back or are reserved, export to CSV, printing, translations, and a customizable display.

BiblioteQ must be on a private server room to be installed and is translated into Dutch.

BiblioteQ has the following characteristics:

Koha Community

Koha is one of the oldest library management tools that are still actively maintained. The development is done by a global community of open source developers.

The software is used by a wide range of libraries from small to large. It contains not only the basic functions, but also offers more advanced capabilities.

Koha includes modules for adding items, lending, cataloging, reporting, and printing of labels.

In addition, the program is expanding the catalog as easy as possible by content of, among others, Amazon, Google, LibraryThing, Open Library, and Syndetics on new items to link to.

Koha is multi-lingual and can by the users easy access to even more languages to be translated.

The user interface of this program is unfortunate enough to be slightly outdated. The commercial service provider LibLime brings a own open-source version of Koha.

Koha Community has the following characteristics:

  • free library management software,
  • features an open source license,
  • suitable for installation on an own server room,
  • items, and the members of a library to manage,
  • relevant download information from various public databases.


Evergreen is an open source program that allows libraries to their catalog can organize and keep track of who and when the items loaned.

The development of the program is through the Georgia Public Library System launched in 2006. After installation not only the employees of a library access to the catalog, but also the bibliotheekleden. Through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) can be the members themselves books, magazines, DVDS and other items, search, and retrieval.

Evergreen has the following characteristics:

Download and install one of the versions programs Library catalog for Windows 10.

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