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Download free News reader apps for Windows 10

With a news reader app are the latest articles from your favorite news sources are merged as a digital magazine. You can page through the articles, scroll through with your finger on the touch screen to swipe.

On this page you will find an overview of the best free news reader apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and your web browser.


Flipboard is a free news reader app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The app is designed for both smartphones and tablets. The name is derived from the manner in which the pages in the app can flip"to flip") as if it were a real magazine. This app distinguishes itself from many alternatives due to the high speed.

You can after installation, your interests, selecting such as, for example, sports, entertainment, business, or technology. Then, the leading news websites within the selected categories will be added.

Flipboard also has its own editorial board that articles for you select a lot of nieuwswaawrde contain ("staff picks"). Also, you can use your social network accounts to Flipboard to link to the last messages that you receive through these networks to include in your personal magazine. The app can be linked with your accounts on the following networks:

Since the beginning of 2015 is Flipboard not only more available through the mobile apps, but also by with your personal account on the website to log in.


Zite is a free app that allows you to create your own tailor-made digital magazine can create articles from your favorite blogs and news sites. The app is in 2011 acquired by CNN.

As with the other apps on this page, you can all the news sites and blogs you follow these steps to add to this one app, all new articles to read. All the articles in a visually attractive manner. By the articles leaves is very intuitive by using your finger to swipe the screen.

Using its own rating system of Zite, you can indicate whether an article is worth to read or not. On the basis of these opinions will Zite a try for the items in store matched to your interests. This selection will therefore always be better when you more your feedback.

Zite has the following characteristics:

  • create your own digital magazine of your favorite news sources,
  • automatic selection of articles as possible on the basis of your interests,
  • mobile apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Google Currents

Currents is a free news app for mobile devices. Google started offering this app after the rapidly increased popularity of Flipboard and Zite.

You can use this app for your favorite news sources to follow, or popular ("trending") of the news articles read. When you click on one of the topics that are popular at this moment than you will get articles on this theme from different sources are presented.

In order to make use of Google Currents is you must first login with your Google account. Then, you can subscribe to the latest publications of the more than 500 member partneruitgevers. In contrast to most other news reader apps, you log in this app so for individual publishers, and not for a particular field of interest.

You can use articles from Google Currents save or share via the following networks:


Feedly is a mobile news app for Android and iOS. In addition, there is also an extension available for the Chrome web browser.

All the articles in a visually attractive way are concatenated into a single digital magazine. Such as Feedly describes the web pages are converted into "cards" that are easy to read and fast loading. In addition to news sites and blogs you can also have your Facebook and Twitter accounts to add to the messages of your friends to your personal magazine to add.

Feedly has the following characteristics:

  • unlike many apps, also suitable for desktop through the browser extension,
  • blogs, news sites and YouTube channels to add,
  • sync with Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader,
  • favorite share articles via social networks,
  • news articles will be synced to all your devices.


RockMelt is a free news reader and browser app for iPhone and iPad.

The developers of this software have first put on the market as a web browser for Mac and Windows. Since 2012, the focus is on the reader function, and the application is only offered for iOS (the operating system of iPhone and iPad).

After opening the app the latest messages from sources that you yourself have added. This can be news sites, blogs and social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

When you are in the search field enter a search query then the app will first search in the sources that you added yourself. When the desired information can't find it, then you can use the general Google search results to display.

RockMelt has the following characteristics:

  • your favourite news feeds and social media networks to follow,
  • own rating system to give and share what you from an article,
  • only available for iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Download and install one of the versions programs News reader apps for Windows 10.

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