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Download free Partition manager for Windows 10

A partition is a part of the hard disk of a computer. Often, for example, the operating system on a separate partition and installed.

On this page you will find a summary of partition managers that are free to install.

Easeus Partition Master Home

Easeus Partition Master Home Edition is a all-in-one partition manager for Windows computers.

The software is used by more than 15 million people worldwide. This popularity can for a large part be explained by the fact that the software for home use absolutely free.

Easeus Partition Master Home has the following features:

  • partitions, resize,
  • partitions move,
  • drive and/or partition copy,
  • merge partitions,
  • partitions divide,
  • recovering partitions,
  • redistribute free space,
  • converting dynamic disks to basic disks,
  • system disk to expand.

Partition Logic

Partition Logic is a free hard disk partition manager and tool for data management. It can partitions, create, delete, format, defragment, copy, enlarge, reduce and move. Also, the the complete contents of hard disks to transfer.

Partition Logic is free software available under the GNU open source license. It is based on the Visopsys operating system from the same creators. Start the program from a CD or DVD and there is even a version for floppy disks.

Partition Logic runs as a separate operating system, independent of your regular operating system. Partition Logic is developed as a free alternative for programs such as Norton Ghost, Partition Magic and Drive Image.

Partition Logic has the following features:

  • no hardware support for non-USB SCSI hard disks,
  • no support for Sun or BSD disk labels,
  • can partitions not as NTFS or EXT3 format,
  • can resize FAT or EXT systems do not change,
  • no hardware support for PCMCIA.

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Mini tool Partition Wizard is a free partition management program for Windows computers. With mini tool you can not only create new partitions, but partitions resize, copy, split, format, convert, hide, restore, and the disk name change.

Mini tool is only free for personal use. The paid versions of this program offer more options, such as merge partitions and support of Windows Dynamic Disk. In addition, the paid versions also be used within a company.

Mini tool Partition Wizard has the following features:

  • free partition management for home use,
  • support for disks and partitions larger than 2 TB,
  • partitions convert FAT to NTFS,
  • a partition opslitsen in two partitions,
  • support of RAID,
  • full disk copy,
  • only suitable for Windows.


Gnome Partition Editor, or simply GParted is a free partition management software. With GParted you can use the hard disk of the PC partitioning and make changes to these partitions.

The application of multiple partitions on the PC is usually used for documents separate from the operating system to save. It is also possible to by means of partitions more operating systems installed on one PC.

GParted has the following characteristics:

  • free partition management software,
  • also available as a LiveCD or as a version, direct is to boot from a USB-stick,
  • works on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Partition manager for Windows 10.

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