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Blind and visually impaired people with some tools simply use the computer. For example, there are special screen-reader software that the text in computer programs or websites to read. There are even programs that are external electronic braille displays support. This is the text that is displayed on the computer screen in braille to read. In the summary on this page, you can find the best free screen reader software.


NVDA is an open source screen reader. This software is only suitable for Windows operating systems. It is developed by NV Access. This non-profit organization is led by two Australians who are visually limited.

NVDA makes it possible for the blind and visually impaired to text and buttons on the computer read. So, they are able to simply make use of all the capabilities of a computer. The program can be set so that automatically the text is read where the hover over it. Also can NVDA the position of the mouse on the screen out loud to express.

This open source program supports all popular software, including e-mail clients, web browsers, chat and office programs. This screen reader is also available in a portable version. That does not need to be installed. This will start directly from a USB-stick or other external storage device.

For the pronunciation, you can choose from almost 50 languages, including Dutch and English. It can also be an external braillelezer control.

NVDA is an absolute must. Unfortunately the open source program is only available for Windows users.

NVDA has the following characteristics:


Orca is the most popular screen reader for Linux systems. You can display the graphical desktop environment read aloud or converted into braille.

This software supports all the features and applications that are based on the AT-SPI structure.

Orca Screen Reader has the following features:

  • free screen-reader program.
  • can also convert text to braille through remote digital braillelezer,
  • only suitable for Linux operating systems.

Apple VoiceOver

Apple is known for the extensive support for blind and visually impaired, which is by default in its software integrated.

Just as with the visual control can also Apple VoiceOver with gestures to be controlled. By with your fingers in a rotating motion on the touchpad to make VoiceOver started. You can then, for example, the open documents per word or per letter read aloud.

Apple Voice provides one of the first plug-and-play support for digital braille displays. The synchronous brailleleesregelweergave makes it possible for up to 32 USB braille displays simultaneously to one Mac. Ideal for teachers or other people who presentations to the blind.

This feature is available in more than thirty languages, including Dutch. Because the standard in the Mac OS operating system is many programs it supports. Also external developers can use the function easily within their own computer programs to facilitate.

Apple's VoiceOver has the following characteristics:

  • computer support for the blind and visually impaired,
  • functions within the Mac OS operating systems to read,
  • supports digital external braille displays (wireless or USB),
  • easy to control using gestures,
  • ability to 32 USB braille displays simultaneously to connect,
  • is a standard part of the Mac OS operating system.


Thunder is a freeware Windows program that functions, and texts within the operating system and programs that run read.

The developers are in addition to these free software are also responsible for paid apps that blind and visually impaired to serve.

Thunder has the following features:

  • freeware screen reader,
  • texts within the operating system itself, and third-party programs to read,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Reader for Windows 10.

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