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When you sign up for an online service, your e-mail address needs to specify then you can be pretty sure that they then mail to send that is not always desired. To prevent this, there are services where you have a temporary address for a few hours requesting that the notification is complete and you no longer suffer from spam.

On this page we give an overview of good services where you have a temporary email address can create.


MailDrop is an open source scalable variant on Mailinator. You can install the program on a own server space or use the demo on the site

Through the service you can enter an e-mail address that ends with The mailbox associated with this address is active immediately and may at any time be checked by the site. The disadvantage of this is that the received messages can be read by anyone who has the correct e-mail address enter. You should not be for confidential correspondence.

To your MailDrop inboxes free of spam, keep the default use of spam filters created by Heluna developed. This spam messages are blocked before they reach your inbox.

MailDrop has the following characteristics:


CrazyMailing is a free online service that random temporary e-mail addresses and generates. The e-mail addresses after a short period of time are automatically deleted. By default, this is a period of 10 minutes, but you can extend it with the help of a button. Each click extends the shelf life of the e-mail address with another 10 minutes.

On the temporary address, you can only receive e-mails. For creating and sending a new e-mail addresses so it is not suitable. It is often used for the creation of an account with websites which you don't want to receive.

What CrazyMailing distinguishes it from many other services in this category is that it is a Chrome plugin. Adds new addresses to generate, and see if you have new mails on that temporary address it has received without first going to the website.

CrazyMailing has the following characteristics:

  • temporary e-mail addresses to create,
  • all functions accessible via Chrome extension,
  • used different random domain names,
  • addresses are default 10 minutes.

Guerilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is one of the established providers of temporary e-mail addresses. You can, with no personal information to enter a temporary address which you unwanted email you can capture. This is often used by people to create an account at online services it is possible to resell what then for spam.

All received emails after 60 minutes will automatically be deleted. The temporary e-mail address remains active. The online service has a very simple layout. You can choose the part before the @-sign enter and you have the choice of nine different domains. You need the e-mail address is not requested in advance, it is always active. So you can use the e-mail address to a service to specify, and later on the site of Guerrilla Mail, the incoming messages are read. Against payment of a small annual contribution, you can even have your own domain name to use.

Particular to the service is that it allows you to not only can receive emails, but can send.

Guerilla Mail has the following characteristics:

  • temporary e-mail addresses, creating,
  • free online service, emails after sixty minutes of erased,
  • email inbox always remains active,
  • choice of nine different domains,
  • inbox every 10 seconds to refresh,
  • website is also translated into Dutch,
  • against payment own domain.


Mailinator is an online service that allows you free any email address that ends with It is also possible to have your own domain name to point to Mailinator and to make them public or only for yourself to use.

All emails sent to Mailinator are sent are accessible to the public. Use the service, therefore, never send emails with personal information to receive.

You don't have to register, but when you take this diet gets you extra opportunities. With a free account, you can e-mail, save, automatically forward to Gmail, and developers have limited access to the API.

Mailinator has the following characteristics:

  • free disposable email addresses create,
  • addresses are automatically active,
  • login on site is not required,
  • option after login to Gmail to forwarding,
  • received emails are accessible to everyone.

Melt Mail

Melt Mail is a free, unique in its kind because, in addition to an online service also has an iOS and an Android app. Both the site and the apps are free to use.

Melt Mail will send all emails that arrive on a specially-created mailbox automatically to your own real email address. The only thing you need to do is your own address and the number of hours that the temporary address is active. By default this is 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours. After you select the button "Create Melt Mail" button you will receive the temporary email address. When you use that address, then somewhere else, specify are you sure you have that party after the selected number of hours, no emails will be received.

Melt Mail has the following characteristics:

  • temporary e-mail addresses, creating,
  • free online service and mobile apps,
  • send all mail autonatisch to your real address,
  • select number of hours that address is active,
  • apps available for Android and iOS.


AirMail is one of the fastest services in this overview. When you go to the site, the temporary e-mail address already ready to be used. This is directly the mailbox for incoming messages is displayed. In addition to the temporary address, the "Copy To Clipboard" button that the address in your clipboard will be saved. With a keyboard shortcut paste this address directly into a document or web form (in Windows, this is Ctrl + V).

Email addresses are not, in principle, simultaneously to various persons issued. On the basis of your computer and browser, you will be recognised and you can use the by email to open. Other users will, by default, in a different inbox. This method is of course not waterproof but gives a bit more privacy than services where you any mailbox can open it.

With AirMail, you can not send emails, but links in mails for a registration to confirm work or simply.

The advantage of AirMail is its speed, simplicity, and better privacy. The disadvantage compared to the other services in this overview is that you will not have a nice address can create. The automatically generated addresses are always similar to this:

AirMail has the following characteristics:

  • disposable addresses create,
  • only mails not send
  • own mailbox only with the same PC and browser open,
  • not possible to the address to choose, - more privacy than many alternatives.


FakeInbox is a free service with just one function: to create a disposable mail address.

The auto-generated address continues to 60 minutes. If this is not long enough then you can press the button "renew" button, and then 60 minutes extra can be used.

The inbox is automatically refreshed. So you'll need the tab open to make all new email messages to arrive. If the automatic refresh, you take too long then you can also press the big button in the middle of the screen.

FakeInbox has the following characteristics:

  • free disposables generate,
  • e-mails received and read,
  • mailboxes are by default, 60 minutes,
  • completely free, no paid options.

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