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Download free Firewall software for Windows 10

According to the official definition, a firewall is a system or group of systems that control access between two networks. In practice, it is usually a program that the traffic controls of the Internet to your computer and vice versa. This allows you to prevent unauthorized access to your computer, while normal internet traffic, just go.

In the latest editions of Windows comes with a Firewall built in. When this is not sufficient, or if you have older editions of Windows or any other operating system without a firewall than you can in the overview below free firewall software to figure out. Also in the Mac OS comes with a firewall integrated, but there are free programs that allow you to control customize.


TinyWall is freeware that the Windows built-in firewall is reinforced and that you have the advanced settings controls.

Many firewall programs will be a popup shown when a program to connect to the internet try to make. Then, you must indicate whether this is trusted or not. The downside to this is that you as a user notifications, and, therefore, rapidly programs out of habit will allow. Unlike most other firewalls are in TinyWall no popups shown. TinyWall will block automatically programs that are not trusted. The user can this software then you have a shortcut directly to the whitelist to add.

Malicious tools often try firewall settings to adapt to the malware access to the Windows system. TinyWall makes this impossible due to changes in the firewall settings to block.

TinyWall has the following characteristics:

  • free extension for the Windows firewall,
  • is not in the way with popups and is easy to set up,
  • there are no drivers or kernel-components are installed,
  • security expand through additional firewall features to add,
  • blocks hundreds of trojans, viruses and worms,
  • prevents another program's firewall settings,
  • easy programs to a white list to add,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows systems.


In Mac OS is by default already a firewall built in. Starting with version 10.7 Lion, this is the PF firewall. IceFloor is a free tool that allows you the settings of the PF firewall can easily change it.

You can with the program, among other simple filters on the incoming and outgoing internet traffic apply. So you can P2P or chatverbindingen blocking or incoming traffic, only allow from specific IP addresses.

The function SSH brute force protection-protects your Mac against SSH attacks, and through Emerging Threats allows you to unreliable hosts to automatically block them by joining a free online service.

IceFloor is suitable for the more advanced users. There is an extensive PDF manual included to all the features and the operation to explain.

IceFloor has the following characteristics:

  • free firewall configuration tool for Mac OS,
  • filters for inbound and outbound internet traffic to add
  • detailed numerical and graphical statistics,
  • SSH brute force protection to enable SSH attacks to block,
  • Emerging Threats to enable untrusted hosts to block, using an online service,
  • only suitable for version 10.7 or higher of Mac OS.


Privatefirewall is a free firewall program for Windows. The software is only available in a free version, so, it is not a stripped-down version of a paid program.

The program is easy to use, by a slide to move you can change the security setting of moderate to very severe. The program monitors the connections your computer with the internet and blocks traffic that the attack could indicate.

You can have separate settings for home, office and public connections to the internet.

Privatefirewall has the following characteristics:

  • firewall software,
  • freeware license,
  • to adjust the security level,
  • only available for Windows.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm is an easy-to-use firewall that hackers and other unknown threats blocks. The firewall is only suitable for Windows. ZoneAlarm is available in a paid and a freeware version. The free version has, in contrast to the paid version, no support and no real-time protection during the download of files.

This firewall program to identify in a systematic manner hackers and blocks intrusion attempts. ZoneAlarm makes your computer invisible to anyone on the internet.

The firewall from ZoneAlarm is only free for non-commercial use.

Comodo Firewall

Comodo's Firewall is free and protects your computer against internal and external attacks. The program makes use of information collected from all users to dangers as quickly as possible to identify and block.

By default, Comodo Firewall, choose from three different levels of security: home, office, or public connection.

The firewall is a free browser Comodo includes: Comodo Dragon. This browser is based on Chromium, the Google Chrome. This web browser is distinguished by a focus on security and protection of privacy.

Comodo Firewall has the following features:

  • protects against internal and external attacks,
  • blocks internet access of Trojan programs,
  • protects personal data against theft,
  • provides security for personal pcs and networks.

Download and install one of the versions programs Firewall software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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