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Download free Computer screen share for Windows 10

If you have problems with the computer or when for some other reason need help with something on the computer doing a program to remotely screen sharing is a solution. So can anyone see what is out there on your computer screen happened from his or her own home or another location.

On this page you will find an overview of free software to show your computer screen to share. A new program that soon also in this overview will be incorporated is Screenleap.


Screenhero is a free program for Windows and Mac desktop systems that allows the remote display can share with others. This software is popular among programmers in America remotely with each other together on the same code to work with it. Within Screenhero create your own list of contacts to quickly make contact when needed. While you are on the other screen watching, you can also talk to each other through the microphone in your laptop or desktop computer is connected to.

One of the more special features of Screenhero is the ability to both own cursor to operate. So the users each other instructions give by the own mouse icon across the screen to move.

Screenhero has the following characteristics:


TeamViewer is a free computer program that allows you to not only a computer screen can share, but also a computer can remotely control. Moreover, TeamViewer has an iPhone and an Android app so you even on the go, a computer can control.

TeamViewer has the following characteristics:

  • program to pcs remote control,
  • freeware version is available,
  • also free apps available for iPhone and Android phones,
  • suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux.


Skype is not only a free VoIP program, it can also be used to your computer screen to share with other users. This option is especially attractive because a lot of people Skype is already by default installed on your computer.

Skype has the following features:

  • free video calls with other users,
  • ability to screen of the PC to share,
  • suitable for Mac, Linux and Windows,
  • mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Download and install one of the versions programs Computer screen share for Windows 10.

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