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With a password management program you can store all your passwords, usernames and other personal data on your PC behind one master password. The database in which the information is stored is encrypted so that anyone without the master password, and absolutely not with your passwords.

On this page you will find an overview of good free password management software. Very simple and easy-to-use programs that are not yet in this list are included PasswordBox and Universal Password Manager.


SafeInCloud calls himself the best password manager program for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Whether this is actually the case will depend on the wishes of the user. Useful in any case, that made it easy to account information, an old password manager program to import and synchronize the data via a private Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDive account.

Where many competitors have a freemium model handling which the software is initially free and later paid for should be has SafeInCloud a transparent cost model. The desktop version for Mac and Windows are free and unlimited to use. For the mobile apps for Android and iOS is a one-time purchase amount required. There is no subscription to be closed.

SafeInCloud synchronize the passwords between your various devices via the internet. Of course for this purpose use is made of encryption. Through the browser extension can account data automatically in online forms paste. The software has been translated into a number of languages including English.

SafeInCloud has the following characteristics:

  • free password management program and mobile app,
  • available for Windows and Mac desktops,
  • mobile apps suitable for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad),
  • browser extensions are offered for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera,
  • data protected with 256-bit AES encryption,
  • support of multiple languages, including English.

Kaspersky Password

The well-known developer of security products from Kaspersky offers a wide range of free tools. One of these is the string encoding conversion "Kaspersky Password Manager".

With this free tool, you can passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data behind a single master password to save. These data are all stored encrypted so that others cannot get access. Also, the data will be synchronized between your devices (laptop, smartphone, and tablet).

Kaspersky Password Manager is certainly not the most extensive program in this list, but if you are already using other Kaspersky products or prefer to only use software from a known provider you can this once install. The desktop agent is suitable for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky Password has the following characteristics:

  • save passwords between devices to synchronize,
  • credit card numbers and other personal data store,
  • new strong passwords to generate,
  • credit card numbers and other personal data store,
  • data is always stored encrypted,
  • integrates with web browser to direct new accounts to save,
  • software available for Mac and Windows, mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Dashlane is a relatively new option. The company behind it was started in 2012. The software is available for desktop systems running on Windows and Mac (for a fee) for mobile devices that run on iOS and Android.

With this software you can store all your login credentials for websites where you have created an account to save and automatically fill them in. When you create a new account create can be the program for you automatically creates a secure password to generate and enter. Within the program, you can request an overview of all the websites where a password is stored, including a kleurindicatie that indicates how secure the password is.

Dashlane contains very nice features that many other programs on this page does not have. So you will get a warning when a website for which a password has stored a security risk. For example, because this site was recently hacked. The program gives you a notification and advice to the password for the service is for security reasons to change.

After installation, the forms of web stores that you visit is automatically filled in so that within a few seconds ordering from any online shop, can go through. This information includes your personal information, delivery address and payment details such as your credit card number. After purchase, the invoices in Dashlane stored so you easy can find.

In addition to the free version, Dashlane is also a premium version for $ 5 per month. The mobile apps for Android and iOS to function fully only for premium subscribers. In addition, notes with using encryption stored for better security and support.

Dashlane has the following characteristics:

  • all your passwords are available under one master password,
  • automatically all of the data in order forms to fill out including payment information,
  • available for Windows and Mac operating systems,
  • mobile app available for Android and iOS.


LastPass is a program for almost all operating systems desktop and mobile.

You can not only use to your passwords, but you can also automatically on websites to enter. The only thing you have to do is sign in with the master password of the program. This is to prevent someone else that is on your computer, all your personal accounts can log in. The file where all the passwords are stored encrypted so that others cannot reach.

The database password is automatically synchronized between all computers and mobile platforms on which you have LastPass installed.

In addition to passwords, you can also all forms automatically fill. To do this, you can use different profiles, each with their own personal information. Also when you are on a computer on which the software itself is not installed, such as, for example, in an internet café, you can still view your passwords by logging in to the website

LastPass for desktop is absolutely free to use. For access on your mobile phone you must a monthly subscription of 1 dollar exit.

If you are already using another password management program, then it is possible to all the data from that program to import into LastPass. This import works for the following programs:

LastPass has the following characteristics:

  • save passwords and automatically on websites to fill in,
  • stored passwords to sync between all of your devices
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems,
  • optional passwords on USB save and from USB use,
  • with one click of the button automatically passwords to generate
  • encrypted file with all your passwords on save,
  • suitable for almost all mobile systems for paying users.


Libghc-iconv-doc is a program that allows personal data stored safely can be. The software is based on KeePass Password Safe.

Libghc-iconv-doc is suitable not only for passwords, but can also be used for user names, page links, attachments and comments in one combined database. This database is encrypted and saved on the computer and can only be opened by the master password.

To make the data easy to find, you can arrange in groups. Daarnaast you can use the integrated search function to your stored data quickly.

Libghc-iconv-doc has the following characteristics:

  • free software for personal data to encrypt,
  • suitable for encrypted storage of all your personal data such as passwords, usernames, notes, attachments and web links,
  • makes use of AES and Twofish 256-bit encryption,
  • passwords automatically generate,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac OS.

Norton Identity Safe

Also the well-known maker of security software, Norton offers a separate product for storing your passwords and form data. This freeware program has the name Norton Identity Safe.

Previously this function was already available, but only as part of the paid package. During installation, place Norton a toolbar in your browser that indicates whether a website is safe to visit or not and which allows you to quickly pages can share via your social networks.

Norton Identity Safe has the following features:

  • suitable for Windows and Mac,
  • in addition to passwords also formulierinformatie save,
  • safely storing notes,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS are coming soon.


PassReminder is a simple, effective password managersoftware. This software is open source and therefore free to download. The passwords can in sections be divided so that you quickly and easily can find. This program is also in the Dutch language available.

In addition to an installation file for Windows and Linux there is only for Windows operating systems is also a portable version available. This can be on a USB stick and from there to boot.

PassReminder has the following characteristics:

  • all your save passwords in a single program,
  • passwords clear save in categories,
  • available as installer and as a portable version,
  • suitable for Windows and Linux,
  • available in the Dutch language.

Password Safe

Password Safe is free software that allows you to all your passwords can save and retrieve with the help of single master password. The list of passwords using encryption protected.

The stable version of Password Safe is available only for Windows, but you can also a beta version for Linux download.

Password Safe has the following features:

  • securely save all your passwords to save,
  • stored passwords by means of encryption secure,
  • one master password to all your passwords to view,
  • automatically new passwords creating hard to crack,
  • stable version for Windows and beta for Linux.


MiniKeePass is a free app for the iPhone and the iPad that allows you to your passwords from all your online accounts and offline services are safe can save.

When you create a new account can MiniKeePass automatically a secure password for you to generate. By a pin to set the access of others to this app blocked.

All passwords can be classified into groups such as "work", "private" or "internet". Of course, the wachtwoorddatabases using encrypted before they are stored.

In this app, saved passwords can be synchronized with the KeePass software for desktops. This synchronization is possible through the databases with passwords to exchange via the online storage service Dropbox.

MiniKeePass has the following characteristics:

  • save passwords and manage on your smartphone and tablet,
  • sync with KeePass on your Windows or Mac computer,
  • new passwords to generate,
  • import files from and export to Dropbox,
  • websites directly in Safari to open it with MiniKeePass on the background,
  • saved passwords, copying to the clipboard,
  • only suitable for iOS (the operating system of iPhone and iPad).

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is an open source password management program. This program offers you the ability to take all your passwords securely and encrypted to save it on your PC, within one program. The encrypted database you can easily copy to a USB-stick or other PC so that you these data can not lose.

To the database with passwords to open you must first create a master password to enter, this way you prevent others in your passwords come up as when you do this in a plain text file on your PC would save. The database is encrypted using the AES and Twofish algorithm for optimal security of your data.

KeePass can also help you to a new secure password. The program can automatically generate password which you then only need to copy to the website where you can make a new account want to create.

If you prefer to use an open source solution for managing your passwords, then KeePass is probably the best choice.

KeePass Password Safe has the following features:

  • secure storage of passwords,
  • storage on external sources such as USB-stick as possible,
  • to add additional information to passwords, such as web links and titles,
  • add sub-groups for a better organization,
  • database protected by means of encryption,
  • available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Download and install one of the versions programs Password management for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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