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By data files to sync on different computers, you always have access to the same documents. Also, data are less likely to be lost because it is automatically at different locations is stored. We give an overview of good free sync programs.


Syncthing is an open source synchronization program that allows you to select which services, computers, or servers, you data you wish to synchronize. This happens without that you are stuck to one provider and without that your data is stored by a third party. For the exchange of data makes the use of the open source P2P protocol called "Block Exchange Protocol".

You select yourself which folders are what people want to share. As a result, many folders with one other computer to be shared, but you can have a single folder can also sync with several other computers.

Despite the fact that the concept behind Syncthing especially a group of more experienced computer users will appeal to, it is very easy to use. You do not need IP addresses, ports or other advanced settings. The synchronization works on the basis of the ID name that you Syncthing enter. By this ID on a remote server or on the computer of a friend to set up the connection is immediately established to transfer data automatically to synchronize.

You can make an infinite number of folders with different people should be shared. The software is portable so it need not be first installed on the system. All data is encrypted transmit over the internet to protect your privacy.

Syncthing has the following characteristics:

  • open source sync tool,
  • folders with several people to share by the ID switch,
  • unlimited number of share folders,
  • portable program to operate from within your browser window,
  • your data is never on the servers of the developers stored,
  • available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and BSD.

BitTorrent Sync

With BitTorrent Sync, you can have an unlimited number of files in sync between different computers. This may be your own computers, but this way, you can also, for example, a folder with files to share with family and friends.

When setting up the synchronization, you must select the folders that must be shared. Then a code will be generated on the other computers have to be entered for the synchronization to make it possible. You have the choice of a code for sync two-way or a other code for synchronization in one direction. This last feature is useful when you have your photos automatically want to share with others but that those others are no documents in the folder. In that way, this program is a competitor for Dropbox , which is often for this purpose is used.

BitTorrent Sync was released in april 2013 and is currently still in the experimental phase.

BitTorrent Sync has the following characteristics:

  • free files and folders synchronization,
  • data transfer is secured using encryption,
  • also suitable for large-sized files what compression superfluous,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Allway Sync

Allway Sync is file and folder synchronization software for Microsoft Windows. The program is free for personal use. Allway Sync can synchronize data between desktop computers, laptops, USB sticks, external hard drives and other data carriers.

Allway Sync has the following characteristics:

  • free synchronization program,
  • graphical interface,
  • file modifications and deletions are stored in a local database,
  • syncs not only files but also folders,
  • reporting of differences between the synchronized folders,
  • ability to have more than two folders to synchronize,
  • synchronize data between computers and laptops over a network,
  • can also be used to make backups and to restore files when needed,
  • ability to sync files to an external storage medium (USB stick, flash drive, or CD-RW),
  • supports files of all formats.


Synkron is a free software which helps you to folders and the files in it are up-to-date on different computers. The software is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux. It has been translated into several languages including Dutch.

After installation, select the folders you want to sync. These can be documents, videos, music, photos, or other file types. You can get specific files in these folders to exclude by that on a black list.

When accidentally files are overwritten or deleted during the sync, than you can at a later time yet to recover.

Synkron has the following characteristics:

  • open source sync software,
  • multiple folders at the same time to synchronize,
  • reporting view of the synchronization process,
  • files specific to exclude from synchronization,
  • recover files that are overwritten or deleted,
  • available for Mac, Windows and Linux.


OneDrive from Microsoft (formerly SkyeDrive called) is an online synchronization service that allows users to share files with other computers, smartphones and online storage. By default, the online storage space of 7 GB, for an additional fee, more space can be purchased. In addition, the website offers OneDrive free desktop applications for Windows and Mac. For the following smartphones and tablets is a mobile app available: Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. When you access a file, whether a photo, a text file, or a video, save it in the OneDrive folder, so it will be automatically on all of your equipment is stored. So, you never have to search for the place where a particular file is stored.

OneDrive has the following characteristics:

  • free synchronization program,
  • free 7 GB online storage,
  • SSL security to encrypt files during upload and download,
  • files are stored on multiple servers so that it cannot be lost,
  • desktop applications for Windows and Mac,
  • mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone.


FreeFileSync is a free and open source folder and file synchronization program. It compares files by size, date and content and then syncs files and folders on different pcs. FreeFileSync is also available in a portable version.

FreeFileSync has the following characteristics:

  • free synchronization program,
  • open source license,
  • available in portable version.

DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro is an open source synchronization program that is suitable for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other operating systems that support java. DirSync Pro does not copy all of the folders and files, but only files that are new or changed. This method saves a lot of time during the synchronization process.

DirSync Pro has the following features:

  • free synchronization software,
  • portable application,
  • log files automatically save,
  • open source,
  • cross-platform.


Synchredible synchronizes folders and drives with one click of the button.

The program is only free for personal use. For commercial use you must purchase a licence. In addition, you will in that version also free technical support. The functionality of both versions is exactly the same. So it is not that the free version is for personal use all the features missing. This therefore ensures that this freeware application is very extensive in comparison with other programs in this review.

Synchredible is an ideal freeware program if you are a Windows user. It is one of the most comprehensive free solutions that exist. Below you can see an overview of only a part of all the possibilities that the software offers.

Synchredible has the following characteristics:

  • free synchronization tool for Windows operating systems,
  • choice of how to synchronize individual files, folders, or entire drives,
  • synchronization with USB-sticks as possible,
  • supports syncing over a local network,
  • ability to retrieve new files from the last x days to sync,
  • ability to only changed files to synchoniseren,
  • preview of synced folders show,
  • auto-sync at startup or shutdown of Windows,
  • synchronizations limit it to certain days or days of the month,
  • folders and files filter,
  • synchronize in one or both directions.

Download and install one of the versions programs Synchronization for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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