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The most commonly used operating system is of course Microsoft Windows. This system is very expensive and according to some, too much prone to viruses and bugs.

There is a number of good free alternatives to Windows available based on Linux. Please note that many programs are designed for Windows. Therefore, another operating system is recommended only for the experienced computer user.

Make sure you have a operating system install or operating system is suitable for the programs you want to use and whether you have the appropriate hardware to the operating system to run.


LXLE is based on Lubuntu. This is an Ubuntu operating system that uses the LXDE desktop environment. The system is constructed so that the after installation directly works, even on older computer systems. The intention of the project is to have the operating system on each computer easy to install and to run.

This Linux distribution follows the same LTS schedule (long term support) like Ubuntu. The developers of LXLE build further on the basis of Lubuntu, but with its own user support.

The LXLE operating system makes it for Windows users relatively easy to switch. Especially Windows users with an older system that is slow to be will benefit from a system that once again smooth and without hiccups works.

With the large amount of standard integrated apps, you can have any job to do. Where once the Linux applications still have a lesser version of the commercial Windows program's today that is absolutely not the case. So is GIMP a great alternative to Photoshop, does LibreOffice have the same features as Microsoft Office and uTox is a much more secure alternative to Skype. These applications and many more are by default in LXLE included.

LXLE has the following characteristics:

  • free operating system,
  • based on Ubuntu,
  • open source license,
  • 100 beautiful wallpapers included,
  • 32 - and 64-bit system available,
  • within a minute of startup and online,
  • contains a lot of integrated functions,
  • also suitable for older systems,
  • beautifully designed desktop environment,
  • suitable for Windows completely replaced.


Ubuntu is a complete and very easy-to-use Linux distribution right out of the box works. The most important PC applications are installed automatically. Ubuntu focuses with a complete besturingssysteempakket also less experienced PC users.

There are several other operating systems derived from Ubuntu, such as Ubuntu Studio that is completely focused on users who are multimedia files want to create and edit.

Bodhi Linux is a distribution that Ubuntu is based but a lot faster. With that system are, by default, not all applications are first installed which gives you much more freedom of choice.

Ubuntu has the following characteristics:

  • available in the Dutch language,
  • Firefox; internet browser
  • LibreOffice; word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software,
  • Thunderbird; e-mail, address and calendar (with the available Lightning extension),
  • Music, video, photo, and device support,
  • Empathy; instant messaging
  • Gimp; image processing,
  • easy your update applications,
  • easily additional free software to install via the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Linux is the best known and most widely used open source operating system. Linux is the core of an operating system. On this core are several easy-to-use operating systems built. These are distributions mentioned, openSUSE is such a distribution that as an alternative for the Windows operating system of Microsoft. We recommend an alternative operating system such as openSUSE only to advanced PC users.

openSUSE has the following characteristics:

  • Support of the Dutch language
  • Desktop environments
    KDE 3.5.5, GNOME 2.16.1; Xgl - 3D acceleration
  • Office Software
    Kde; Desktop search Beagle 0.2.10. Catalogue database: Tellico 1.2.3. Personal information manager: Evolution 2.8.1, Kontact 3.5.5; wine 0.9.24
  • Internet and E-mail
    Voice over IP (VoIP): ekiga 2.0.3, Linphone 1.3.0, Twinkle 0.9 NetworkManager. Peer to peer clients Bittorrent and Ktorrent. Web browser: Firefox 2.0, Konqueror, SeaMonkey. E-mail: Evolution 2.8.1, Kontact 3.5.5, Thunderbird 1.5.07. Instant Messaging: Kopete 0.12.2, Gaim 1.5
  • Graphic
    Image editing program: GIMP 2.2.13; 3d construction: ARCAD, 3D CAAD program. Vector illustration: Inkscape 0.44. Photo management: F-spot 0.2.1, gwenview 1.4., dikigkam 0.8.2
  • Multimedia
    Banshee Music management 0.10.12, AmaroK 1.4.3; wink 1.5 Tool for creating software manuals. Music and video player: RealPlayer 10.0.0, kaffeine 0.8.2. CD/DVD burner: k3b 0.12.17. Video Editing: MainActor5
  • Mobility
    Improved Wi-fi support: Networkmanager 0.6.4; Enhanced Bluetooth support; Improved synchronization using opensync; External Monitor support; Improved power management; Support for docking stations
  • Database Management System
    PostgreSQL 8.1.4; MySQL 5.0.24; Derby
  • Development environments
    Mono 1.1.17; KDevelop 3.3.5; Eclipse 3.1.1. Languages: Ruby 1.8.4; Perl 5.8.8; Python 2.5; PHP 5.2; Java 1.5
  • Safety
    Intrusion prevention: AppArmor 2.0; Intrusion detection snort 2.4.5; Virus scanner: AntiVir 2.17; Spam filter: SpamAssassin 3.1.4
  • System components
    Linux Kernel 2.6.18; GCC 4.1.3; glibc 2.5; X.Org 7.2; XEN 3.0.3 for Virtualization. Networking services: Apache + Apache Geronimo 1.1, CUPS, Samba, NFS, DHCP, DNS; Multicore processor support


Fedora is like openSUSE a distribution based on the Linuxkern. Fedora Core is only a part of the Fedora distribution. The Core contains everything you need for normal work. In addition to the Core, there is a section called Extras. It contains packages that are not part of Fedora Core, but much sought after. The packages from Fedora Extras from Fedora Core easy to install.

The target audience of Fedora is the normal computer user. Fedora is therefore very useful for office work, surfing the web, listening to music (after additional installation) and games. The default desktop in Fedora is the Gnome.

Fedora Core includes the following components:

  • office productivity suite: LibreOffice
  • photo editing software: GIMP
  • instant messenger: Empathy (provides access to MSN, Gmail, Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo! and Jabber
  • web browser: FireFox
  • media player: Totem
  • vectorbewerking: Inkscape
  • 3D studio: Blender


Debian is a popular distribution of linux for the advanced user. The development started in 1993, making it one van the systems with the longest history.

There is a huge amount of software available for this system, from games to professional office suites. You can choose from more than 29,000 pre-compiled packages. The application packages that are available for Debian can be divided into three categories: unstable, testing and stable. For the stable packages are available for Debian, look here.


Mageia is a operating system for desktops and servers that are on the Mandriva linux distribution is based. The project in 2010 initiated by former employees of the company that is responsible for Mandriva.

Mageia is offered for both desktops and servers. The objective of the project is to provide a safe, stable and sustainable operating system to provide a stable and reliable board that projects it supports.

This linux distribution is offered in more than 160 languages, including Dutch. With the help of a LiveCD you can easily install from a USB stick. By default, it uses the KDE user environment, but you can of course choose a different environment to install. During the installation process, you can also use one of the following interfaces: select GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, or Enlightenement.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system. The software is still in development and there is only a first version which is intended for developers. Google has the official release scheduled for the end of 2010.

The operating system focuses in particular on the use of web applications such as YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Flickr, and Pandora. The computer must have a connection to the internet as well to make use of this system. In the first instance, will Google Chrome OS can only run on netbooks with a solid state drive (SSD).


Haiku is an open source operating system specifically geared to personal use. The project is actively developed and has, for instance, often participated in the Google Summer of Code.

Haiku stands out because, unlike many other operating systems, specifically aimed at personal use. The development of the software is already started in 2001, nevertheless is it is still in the alfafase. It will be a disadvantage for the average user that there are not as many programs are suitable for Haiku as for example for Linux.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is an open source package based on the Ubuntu operating system. However, Linux Mint uses a different interface than Ubuntu. Of the people who are not satisfied with the Unity interface of Ubuntu, there are many switched to Linux Mint. This distribution is now using a desktop called Cinnamon, which is Gnome-based.

The popularity of Mint is, in part, by the beloved and user-friendly desktop interface, fast increased and at this time it is even the most popular linux distribution in the list of the authoritative

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is an operating system for the advanced user. This system does not provide a standard graphical user interface. So you as a user have to set up and install with the help of a graphical environment that you can choose. Fortunately, there is a very comprehensive wiki guide to take you through this process.

We highly recommend Arch Linux only for the advanced user who is already familiar with the workings of Linux. It is not a user-friendly system, but ideal for the hacker full control wants to have and keep. Arch Linux occupied a stable place in the top-10 of the most popular linux distributions on

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