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There are a lot of innovative apps on the market that is easier and more efficient receiving emails and sending. On this page you will find an overview of the best free email clients for tablets and smartphones.


UPDATE: in november 2014 it was announced that Acompli acquired by Microsoft. What the consequences will be for the further development of this app is not yet known.

UPDATE 2: Since January 2015, is going to Acompli continue under the name Outlook. The mobile apps are now under that name to download in the App Store and Google Play.

Acompli is a free email client app for Android and iOS devices. It is distinguished by the integrated calendar to the e-mail functions is connected. You can with a tap on the screen to switch between your email and your calendar.

The aggregated inbox lets your messages to different e-mail accounts. Important e-mail messages appear in a separate tab so that you can quickly handle the messages in the tab "other". You can use the program to train for important e-mails to better recognize by messages of the tab "other" to "focused" to drag. After a period of time the app itself is very good in the ability to distinguish important and less important messages.

The app can e-mail plan in the future to send. Useful, for example, even for a moment to reflect on the time that a message out the door.

By the calendar, but a tap of your e-mail inbox is removed, for example, you can quickly check if you have no appointments on a given day has been scheduled at the time that someone by e-mail requesting it.

At the bottom of the window is a tab that gives access to a list of contacts you use the most to communicate.

Through the integration with cloud services you have direct access to files stored in OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Useful to, for example, directly as an attachment of a mail.

Acompli has the following characteristics:

Google Inbox

Inbox is an innovative mobile email client of Google.

This client app does more than just view and send e-mail messages. So are e-mails automatically in categories. By default, the service the categories "advertising", "purchases" and "travel". You can even more create. In Google Inbox, these formats "bundles". By sending messages to these bundles to move learn the app over time, how incoming messages are automatically in the right bundle should be placed.

The most important information in e-mails in a glance is shown without the messages first need to open. So, images are shown of the orders to shops with the expected delivery date.

Within the same app keeps you important tasks. Above your inbox, add right tasks. The app helps you with the conducting of it by automatically important information there to locate and display. One example of this is the phone number and opening hours for a restaurant booking that you still need to create.

Both e-mails as tasks, you can snooze them so that they only after a certain date and time appear.

Google Inbox has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail client for tablet and smartphone
  • e-mail send and receive,
  • tasks within the app store and follow
  • new automatic e-mails into bundles to organize,
  • mobile apps suitable for Android and iOS.


The by email by Mailbox radically different addressed to mailing easy, quick, and mobile-friendly. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. But there is also a version for the Mac laptops to make the experience on all devices and equal to attract.

To the large flow of new emails is somewhat under control can keep you emails which you have not directly something you can delay. Thus they will disappear from your digital mailbox, and they come back later in the day, evening, tomorrow, in the weekend, on your desktop computer, or a day and time that you set yourself.

The auto-swipe function that learns from the category which contains your e-mail archive and the way in which you snooze. The system enters after a period of time on the basis of your behavior these actions automate.

Mailbox has the following features:

  • innovative e-mail client for desktop, tablet and mobile,
  • automatic e-mail categorization,
  • e-mail to a later time delayed via the snooze function,
  • desktop program, suitable for Mac OS,
  • mobile app for Android and iOS.


CloudMagic is an email app that has multiple e-mail accounts support it, and very quickly.

The creators speak of a magical quick e-mail experience. This is not entirely unjustified. Thus, on the basis of keywords almost instantly, recently received e-mails and shows it within a few seconds all the results. This is a lot faster than most of the alternative apps. So, when you often e-mails in different mailboxes looking for, CloudMagic absolutely a must.

To your e-mail so quickly find all of your message is indexed via the servers of the developers. For some sensitive (business)accounts, the app will not be suitable.

CloudMagic has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile e-mail client app,
  • supports the managing of different e-mail accounts,
  • is distinguished by very high speed,
  • available for Android and iOS.


Boxer is a fast mobile app for organizing and managing your e-mailbox. You can use each part of your inbox to your own needs. One really handy feature is the "quick reply". By activating it you will see a list of commonly used short answers like that you will soon be back to come, or that the process is completed. With a click of a button will give the counterparty prompt reply and do you have another e-mail dealt with.

Like most e-mail apps of this caliber also includes Boxer extensive possibilities to mails manually or automatically to categorize and archive.

A particular feature of this app is the integration with popular online services including Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For each e-mail account an individual alert sound for new messages.

Boxer has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail app for smartphone and tablet,
  • integration with social media and cloudopslagdiensten,
  • e-mail messages like,
  • preset send answers,
  • with swipe emails to organize,
  • combined folders set,
  • own avatar to use,
  • custom signature under email use,
  • actions in bulk processing,
  • personal to-do lists creating,
  • per email account, a separate notification sound setting.


The creators of myMail prices for the service as the first e-mail service that on mobile only works. This means that it is also very closely linked to the properties of a smartphone.

Access to the service is very well secured. It is not linked to a username and password, but on your mobile phone. In addition to that this is very safe, it has also the advantage that you never have a password need to remember.

You can email indefinitely archive for the creators to give 150 gigabytes of storage away for free. When creating an account you will receive your personal e-mail address. You are not bound to this e-mail address, but can also use a Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Outlook Mail or IMAP/POP3 account to add.

This mobile app is designed for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

myMail has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile e-mail client app,
  • personally e-mail creation,
  • 150 gb of storage space for free
  • authorisation on the basis of the phone number,
  • you do not have a username and password to remember,
  • free app available for Android and iPhone.

Download and install one of the versions programs E-mail client for mobile for Windows 10.

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