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Via a smartphone, a mobile connection and the right app you can discover new music and play your favorite songs. We have made an overview of the best free music apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Spotify is a service that lets you stream to your laptop or your mobile phone.

Spotify has agreements with nearly all of the record companies making the database almost every song contains what you know. Even to the lovers of Dutch music has been thought of.

When you have a specific song you want to hear then you are searching for in the name of the song or the artist. You know yourself also create playlists or playlists of other users to stream. On the basis of your luistergedrag gives Spotify tips and tricks for new songs and artists that you probably will.

The free version of Spotify is made possible by commercials to play between the music, just as you are used to on the radio. When you against your monthly payment a subscription then there are no commercials played, and there are additional features available. The most convenient of these is that you have a premium subscription, a limited number of songs on your smartphone can store it offline to play when you're on the go.

Spotify has the following characteristics:


Shazam is a very useful free app which, in fact, not a single mobile phone may be missing.

With this app you can change the name of the artist and of the song look up by your smartphone to focus on the speaker where the music comes from. After a sound clip of a few seconds are included to send Shazam it to the servers from the service in order to compare with the music that is stored in the giant database. When a match is found, gives Shazam the name of the artist and of the song on your phone screen. In addition, it also displayed links to the retailer where the number directly can buy, artist information and YouTube videos of the song.

All songs by Shazam are searched are automatically saved within the app, including the location and date of the moment you Shazam the song has search.

The free app of Shazam contains advertising banners. When you are it bothers you can use the paid app, Shazam Encore install. That app contains no ads.

Shazam has the following characteristics:

  • the artist and title of song search on the basis of sound,
  • optional login with Facebook to track your activity to share with friends,
  • mobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


8tracks creates a personal playlist together on the basis of a combination of musical styles or moods, which you select yourself. The created playlists contain a minimum of eight numbers. This service is supported by ads. Against payment of a monthly rate are the commercials removed.

To start the listen select two styles. This can be both styles of music, such as "R&B", "Jazz" or "Electronic" as moods such as "Relax", "Love" and "Feel Good". Below you will get a list of playlists that other users have added. After you select it starts 8tracks automatically with play. You can then pause or continue flushing if you want.

8tracks has the following characteristics:

  • personalized music lists to play according to your mood and style,
  • mobile apps are available for Android, iOS,and BlackBerry
  • unofficial app third-party developed for Windows Phone.

TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio, you can listen to hundreds of national and international radio stations on your smartphone.

In addition to live streams of almost all the major stations of the Netherlands as Q-Music, Radio 538 and Skyradio, you can also old broadcasts los back listen as Veronica's Hitdossier with Erik the Black of more than 10 years ago.

TuneIn Radio has the following features:

  • live radio stations to listen to, or separate broadcasts, playback,
  • national and international radio stations to listen out o.a. Germany, USA and UK,
  • mobile app suitable for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Download and install one of the versions programs Music apps for Windows 10.

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