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Of course, you can manually check all links on a website are still working, but this costs a huge amount of time. Fortunately, there are several free programs on the market that do this automatically for you. In this overview, the best free website link checkers included.


SiteVerify is a simple tool to control the behavior of hyperlinks and images on your site to check.

All internet pages of your site by this program is collected and scanned. The found links are classified in one of the following four (color)categories:

You choose the depth that the program must respond by checking the website. This can be both internal and external links checked. After the scan is completed, you export this as TXT, CSV or XML file.


mTrawl is a free Windows and Mac program that for all links on a page, check whether this still works or that this "dead links". The latter are links that point to a non existing page. This is for the visitors of a website a very frustrating experience. With mTrawl is the web developers a lot easier to dead left to detect.

mTrawl comes from the developers of DeepTrawl and CloudTrawl and only contains the basic functions of the paid solutions. This makes it less suitable for professional developers on a large scale and fully automated hundreds to thousands of pages per day want to check. mTrawl focuses entirely on the amateur developer who has no budget for paid solutions, but it wants to save time.

The program has a very sleek design and three functions: control of the hyperlinks, control of graphics and HTML validation. After entering a website URL to start the scan. After the scan is completed you will be presented with a list of errors found, including the line number where the error is in the HTML page.

Should you be the validation of the HTML is not so interesting find, for example, because this is generally little information about the operation of a website in your browser, then you can this check also turn off. The same applies for the control of images.

mTrawl has the following characteristics:

  • free website link checker,
  • check hyperlinks, images and HTML validation,
  • check all pages within a website,
  • reports of errors found and the line numbers where they are located,
  • available for Mac and Windows desktop systems.


Integrity is a free Mac OS program to your websites to check for the presence of broken links.

In addition to hyperlinks to internal and external pages, checks the links to images. This not only prevents problems with the user experience but is also good for SEO. Google and other search engines give sites with many broken links, namely a lower position in the search results.

After the scan of your website is completed, the results are color coded. Broken links and images are in the orange and red.

Integrity has the following characteristics:

  • hyperlinks to sites are automatically checked,
  • check the left as well as references to images,
  • gives reports with colors for a quick analysis of the problem,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Website link checker for Windows 10.

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