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Before you begin with the development of a website or a mobile app, it is advisable to first make a mockup. This is a visual representation of how the app should look like and what functionality it contains should be included.

With special software, you can create a mockup (also called prototype), referred to as even interactively. So you go to the next page within an app or on a website at the time that you click a button in the drawing button.

On this page you will find an overview of good free software that you like (interactive) mockups.

Pencil Project

Pensil Project is an open source program to mockups of mobile apps and websites. Since the software is open source, it can also be used for free for business purposes.

The software, by default, contains a large number of commonly used forms and user environments for Android and iOS. This makes it easier and faster to design for mobile apps create. Additional forms can be downloaded from the internet. The online database of is in Pensil Project integrated. This gives you direct access to thousands clipart images.

Pensil Project is developed for laptops and desktop computers, the operating systems Linux, Mac or Windows.

Pencil Project has the following characteristics:

  • free mockup program,
  • available under open source license,
  • prototypes of websites and mobile apps,
  • workflow capture with built-in diagramming feature,
  • standard integrated Android and iOS app layout,
  • mockups export as HTML, PNG, PDF, SVG, or ODT file,
  • blocks and other objects to interactive links,
  • in addition to the standard forms online additional forms download,
  • integration with to clipart to download,
  • suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.


Pixate is a program for Mac and Windows that is specifically focused on the design of prototypes of mobile apps. This program is in 2015, by Google taken over but is still offered as an independent tool.

With Pixate you design a fully interactive demo, including transition effects between screens and buttons that are clicked may be to go to the next (with the button attached) screen. It is even possible in the demo to lay down the objects you are dragging. This design, for example, a feature that allows users to create an avatar composed by different items of clothing, heads, and hairstyles to the window to drag.

It is possible to go all the way from the starting point a new app demo build, but the site developers are also several examples that are used and can be adjusted. These are among other examples with the functionality of Pinterest, Spotify and Twitter.

The desktop agent of Pixate, called Pixate Studio, is free to install and use on Mac and Windows systems. For Pixate Cloud that you design via the internet, you can share it with others and together with team members to prototypes able to work must be paid. Within this paid solution there are also several project management functions included.

Pixate has the following characteristics:

  • prototypes of mobile apps development,
  • since 2015 offered by Google Inc.,
  • contains Android and iOS user environments,
  • free desktop agent for Mac and Windows,
  • fees apply mockups to share via the internet.


NinjaMock is a tool for creating prototypes for Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. By default, it contains all features and buttons within these three mobile operating systems to be used.

This program is free of charge to a maximum of three projects and only for non-commercial use. The free version contains all the features that even the paid subscriptions.

To new users on the way to help stand on the site of NinjaMock several examples of interactive prototypes.

NinjaMock has the following characteristics:

  • online prototypes of mobile apps to create,
  • free for up to three non-commercial projects
  • suitable for prototypes for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


With the online service of you can without first having to create an account to start creating interactive mockups. The mockup program is free up to a maximum of two projects with a maximum of 300 objects and 5 megabytes of storage space. With the free version, you can also collaborate with other team members.

You can use the standard buttons, links, dropdown menus, checkboxes, Google Maps etc to make the prototype interactive. In addition, you can upload images.

The end result of Moqups, you can share online or export it as a PDF or PNG file.

Moqups has the following characteristics:

  • online mockup service,
  • start without an online account,
  • free version to a maximum of 2 projects and 300 objects,
  • created mockups export as PDF or PNG file,
  • suitable for both websites and mobile apps to give shape,
  • can be used online via any web browser.

Download and install one of the versions programs Mockup software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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