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For writing letters and other documents, you a word processor is needed. Microsoft Word is the most widely used word-processing software, but this is very expensive to purchase.

There are also free word processors that are compatible with word documents. You can use these as word documents to both open and save so that others in your text documents simply with Microsoft Word can open. This free word-processing software the following is an overview.

A program that is not in this overview, but that might be interesting for Mac OS users with concentration problems is FountainPen.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a full-fledged kantoorsoftwarepakket and thus a good alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office. Additionally, you can use OpenOffice without any problems Powerpoint, Word and Excel files to open and edit.

Apache OpenOffice is open source and therefore completely free to download from the internet! This used to be called the package but because Oracle in 2011 the management of the project has been transferred to Apache the this new name.

With Apache OpenOffice you can create text documents, preparing, making presentations, calculating formulas, drawings and graphs, database maintenance and spreadsheets. It is so much more than just a word processor. One advantage is that your files can continue to share with people who have for example Microsoft Word because Apache OpenOffice file formats also supports.

Apache OpenOffice has the following characteristics:

  • Writer for text documents, and HTML documents,
  • Calc for spreadsheets (spreadsheets),
  • Base for databases,
  • Draw for drawings (vector graph),
  • Impress for presentations (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint),
  • Math for formulas.

Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is a free text editor for Mac and Windows operating systems. There is also an online version. It is a fairly new program in this category, the first version was in 2014 released.

Users of Nevron Writer have a choice of the classic Word 2003-layout want to use or a modern "Ribbon" layout, such as Microsoft, which currently applies in its Office products.

This text editor is distinguished from others because the pages as HTML-file can save. This can be done by the stijlementen within the file or as an external CSS file to save. This HTML file can then be on a private server or upload it to an external blog system such as Blogger or WordPress.

As with most modern word processing programs, files can also be saved directly as PDF-file. Thus, there is no separate PDF converter need more.

For the online version of Nevron Writer you don't need to create an account. You can start typing and editing. However, it is the online version based on the slightly outdated technology of Microsoft Silverlight.

Nevron Writer, has the following characteristics:

  • free word processor for desktop computers,
  • choice of classic or modern (Ribbon) layout as known from MS Word,
  • extensive design options
  • text files to convert to HTML or PDF,
  • only available for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Growly Write

Growly Write is a free word processor for Mac OS operating system.

The developers are trying with this program to find a compromise between offering a lot of advanced features and optimum ease of use. This is accomplished by on the right side of the window is a column to show which you are the most important functions can place you often will need. Features that you never used, you can hide it so these buttons the program is not less well.

The "draft view" displays the text without the formatting. So you can better concentrate on reading the text without the distracting elements around it. In this display mode appears on the left side of the screen a column with the important structural elements in your text file. This includes other chapters, bookmarks, notes, and tables. By clicking on this button takes you directly to that position in the text document.

Growly Write has the following characteristics:

  • free word processing program,
  • the golden mean between ease of use and comprehensive functionality,
  • MS Word files import,
  • comprehensive manual of over 200 pages available,
  • only suitable for Mac OS.


LibreOffice is a free office program that is based on It is unclear what are the future plans of Oracle, the current owner of the trademark Therefore, it has a group of developers a "fork" of the OpenOffice project that is being developed under the name LibreOffice.

LibreOffice contains a word processor, but also the ability to create, edit, and save presentations, databases, drawings, formulas, and spreadsheets. The open source software is a complete alternative to a paid office suite like Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice has the following characteristics:

  • free office program,
  • text files create, edit, and save
  • spreadsheets create, edit, and save
  • presentations create, edit, and save
  • drawings create, edit, and save
  • databases create, edit, and save
  • formulas create, edit, and save
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux,
  • open source license.


FocusWriter is a simple word processor that is free of distracting features. The program is designed to without any distractions to text documents to work.

FocusWriter provides a user environment that will be hidden by default and only appear at the time that someone with the mouse to the corners of the screen. This focuses you better on the text itself and not on additional features, layout, and other non substantive matters.

The software is actively developed and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. It is available in more than twenty different languages, including English. Please note that for downloading no amount of money selected. Otherwise, you will be directed to a PayPal payment page led. Select in the dropdown "Tip with download" first 0.00 USD before you click download. Of course, would be the developers with a donation or at a price set when the software is really like.

FocusWriter has the following characteristics:

  • simple text editor for professional writers,
  • supports ODT, RTF, and TXT text files,
  • ability to set a timer and alarm
  • daily goals set,
  • choice of fully customizable themes,
  • optional sound effects of a typewriter,
  • optional auto-save,
  • live viewing statistics,
  • optional spell checking use,
  • ability to use it in portable mode,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.


AbiWord is a free word processing program, which create letters and other text documents you can create and edit.

AbiWord text files are interchangeable with both the users of Microsoft Office as OpenOffice. So you don't have to be afraid that people with a different word processing program, your files can not open.

The environment of AbiWord is similar to Microsoft Word, allowing users to easily switch. There are differences, but the developers of AbiWord to try the environment of Microsoft Word as much as possible to mimic or additions to make to a better environment.

AbiWord has the following characteristics:

  • free word processor,
  • open source license,
  • also available in a portable version that you from for example a USB stick can boot,
  • user interface closely resembles that of Microsoft Word.


Bean is a simple word processor for Mac OS. In contrast to, for example, Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice strives not to be as comprehensive as possible.

This software is therefore not comparable with Microsoft Word. But if you have these advanced features don't need at all then you will be able to enjoy the speed, simplicity and user-friendliness of this program.

Bean has the following characteristics:

  • a simple text editor,
  • real-time woordenteller,
  • also translated into Dutch,
  • only suitable for Mac OS.


Jarte is a free word processor for Microsoft Windows. The advantage of this program is that it is very fast to start up and that there's still a lot of convenient functions are incorporated. So it contains a spell checking which is also the Dutch language supports.

By the compact view, short startup time and because the software has little attachment on the computer system is Jarte is very suitable for netbooks.

Jarte may be the following open text documents:

  • RTF
  • DOC
  • DOCX

Jarte has the following characteristics:

  • free word processor for Windows,
  • lightweight and very short start-up time,
  • based on Microsoft WordPad,
  • particularly suitable for netbooks.

Calligra Words

Calligra Words is an open source tekstverwerkerkingsprogramma originally developed for Linux, but the software is also available for Mac and Windows.

The free word-processing program is part of Calligra Suite, a productivity office suite that is comparable to Microsoft Office. Calligra Suite, the successor of KOffice.

Calligra Words makes by default use of the Open Document Format (ODF), but it can also .doc and .docx Microsoft Office open files.

Calligra Words has the following characteristics:

  • free word processing program,
  • open source license,
  • developed for Linux, but also available for Windows and Mac.

Google Document

Google Document is an online word processor that is part of the productivity office suite from Google called Google Drive. Formerly, this was known as Google Docs, but now the office applications integrated into the online storage service.

To a Google Document to create, you only have a free Google account is needed. This account is the same as that for example Gmail. When you do not have an account then you can directly through the website to create.

The online service includes all of the formatting features that you would expect from a mature word processor. So you can titles, an automatic indexopgave create, add tables, page numbering, headers and footers add and import images.

Text documents can be shared with other Google Drive users. These can then edits in real-time to run. Thus, it is possible to have with different people at the same time to a file to work. If you want to discuss then you can do so via the built-in chat feature.

The document is automatically saved online in your Google Drive account. In addition, you can also put it in various file formats download. It supports, among others, the export to docx and pdf.

Google Document has the following characteristics:

  • online tekstverwerkingsdienst offered by Google,
  • part of the online officepakke Google Drive,
  • with multiple people simultaneously edit a document,
  • real-time chat feature,
  • save documents as docx, odt, rtf, pdf, txt, or html file,
  • creating a Google account is required.

Download and install one of the versions programs Word processing for Windows 10.

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