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To keep track of the bookkeeping can be a good software package you will save a lot of time. There are several paid accounting programs on the market but fortunately, there are also free alternatives.

Excel accounting program

Would you prefer no new computer program use, but your accounting just in Excel to keep doing it? Also there is a solution for making it easier for you. The company Donkelaar Administrations and Advice which is located in Enschede and Westervoort offers a free Excel template to enter your accounts.

In the first tab you can enter general information about your company such as name, VAT number and the beginning balance of your business account. In the following pages you can per month your income and expenses to track. In the last tab you get a summary of the totals of all months, the data to use for your sales tax and explanatory notes.

Ten Donkelaar Administrations offers four different Excel accounting templates. The difference between them is the VAT rate used.

Of course you need to use this program or a program installed on your computer that Excel can open files. If you have not yet then you can free download from our overview of free spreadsheet software.

Excel accounting program has the following options:

  • free Excel template for the accounting of your company,
  • you must have a program that Excel can open files,
  • suitable for all operating systems.


Speedbalance offers the possibility of the balances (“balances”) is a fast way to calculate. The producer wants to be self-employed, small businesses, foundations and associations easy-to-use software offering that, without or with minimum accounting knowledge, to professional results.

The user can choose from four accounting applications; of a simple Cash book into the Double entry with multiple currencies, depending on the profile of the activity and any needs/requirements.

An extensive and ever-updated documentation of tutorials, examples, models of accounting records, and a handbook free online, gives the user a step-by-step guidance, both in the start of the accounting department and in the daily work.

Speedbalance has the following options:

  • free easy accounting software suitable for small businesses and self-employed persons,
  • clear instructions on the website,


GnuCash is a free and open source accounting program. The software is also available in Dutch and is suitable for home users and SME organizations.

The software is not only suitable for Windows but also for Linux and Mac OS.

GnuCash has the following characteristics:

  • free bookkeeping software,
  • open source,
  • aimed at SMES, enterprises and private users,
  • available in the Dutch language,
  • GnuCash is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Unix-like operating systems,
  • double-entry bookkeeping as possible,
  • transactions, schedule,
  • support for repayments of mortgages and other loans,
  • import from OFX (Open Financial Exchange) and QIF (Quicken Interchange Format),
  • support for HBCI (home banking Computer Interface),
  • support for transaction-import matching,
  • limited support for multi-user SQL,
  • ability to conduct transactions in different currencies,
  • reporting summaries of mutual funds and shares,
  • online listings of investment funds and shares to view.


FrontAccounting is an open source accounting program for small and medium sized enterprises. FrontAccounting should be on a private server room to be installed and is then used via any browser.

The appearance of the program is somewhat old-fashioned, but the software is actively developed. When you use this accounting software first just want to try it out before you download and install then you can get a free test account creation on the site of the developers.

FrontAccounting has the following characteristics:

  • free accounting software,
  • open source license,
  • installation on own server space,
  • to use via all browsers,
  • makes use of PHP and MySQL.


WinBank is a Dutch program designed for individuals to help manage their finances. With this program you can store all your personal income and track expenses.

To swift financial data to add can bank transfers from all major Dutch and Belgian banks to be imported (including Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO and SNS).

This program is very useful for private persons are the special modules for, among others, water-, gas-, electricity -, and fuel consumption. This can, for example, you to the penny precisely calculate what your car and use it costs you per month. With the module for mutual funds, you can the performance and efficiency of your investments follow. This data can be represented visually using tables or graphs.

WinBank has the following characteristics:

  • free bookkeeping software,
  • suitable for individuals,
  • Dutch program,
  • transfers from all the major Belgian and Dutch banks to import
  • save, borrow and hypotheekberekeningen run,
  • freeware license,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.


Anyone who has to deal with a private company knows that a good financial administration is necessary in order to understand your business opportunities. Accounting programs, however, are often complicated and very expensive in purchase and maintenance. osFinancials is developed as free and user-friendly alternative.

osFinancials is not difficult to use because it is made for everyone. It is licensed under the GNU/GPL, it is easy to install, manage, and is especially stable.

osFinancials has the following characteristics:

  • free bookkeeping software,
  • open source,
  • simple to use,
  • step by step installation,
  • suitable for an infinite number of administrations,
  • suitable to 9999 users,
  • 999 Sub-users and 10 bank Accounts,
  • suitable up to 1,000,000 accounts receivable & crediteurenstamkaarten,
  • input up to 1,000,000 articles,
  • invoices and documents in 3 easy steps,
  • processing of transactions in up to 256 batches / journals,
  • comprehensive reports,
  • robust login system,
  • easy bank import,
  • internet and networking,
  • point of sales system,
  • cash drawer link,
  • plug-in software,
  • multilingual,
  • special EN g / l accounts,
  • inventory management,
  • XML export and import,
  • T-Account viewer,
  • extended search function,
  • easy backup/restore system,
  • VATregistration and declaration,
  • osCommerce webshop plugin,
  • multi-user ability,
  • sales analysis,
  • profit and loss statement and balance sheet,
  • trial balance,
  • comparison of your results with the budget.

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