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With a ticket system (also bug tracker or issue tracker) issues or desired new features is captured by using tickets. Then you can use this system to determine the status of a ticket and who is responsible for completing a task.

On this page we give an overview of free ticketing card infrastructures.


Bugzilla is an open source bug tracker which is very popular among software developers.

The software is was developed by the Mozilla Foundation, this organization is known primarily as a developer of the popular Firefox web browser. Since 1998 the software is released as open source software.

Bugzilla has the following characteristics:


Brimir is an open source system that a support team helps to organize communication with customers.

Incoming emails from customers are automatically converted to a ticket, including any attachments. Each ticket is assigned to a support staff member. From the online dashboard of Brimir the employee may directly answer questions. This will enable the support department to be much more structured than if everything by email is handled.

Brimir is actively developed and has also been translated into Dutch. This ticket manager is a must for all small to medium sized businesses. With the open source version on your server space can install an unlimited number of tickets and support staff to add.

Brimir has the following characteristics:

  • free ticket manager,
  • software has open source license,
  • support emails received
  • tickets to assign to a support person,
  • emails in your inbox, forward it to Brimir,
  • rules for automatically classifying incoming tickets,
  • system optimized for mobile devices
  • free install on your own server space,
  • custom signature for each employee to add,
  • among other things in the Dutch translation,
  • also a paid version which is by the creators hosted.


Mantis is an open source project that allows users to create an online ticketing system for an organization. This system is particularly suitable for use in software development projects.

After installation on an own server room can be both team members and customers issues create. In addition, you get easy insight into the progress of the project. Team members can track the status of an issue to adjust so that everyone can immediately see which issues are resolved and which are still open.

Mantis has the following characteristics:

  • free ticket system,
  • open source,
  • installation on own server space,
  • written in PHP,
  • makes use of a MS SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL database.


osTicket is a ticket system that requests coming in through e-mail, telephone and web forms integrated in one easy-to-use system. Then can the tickets be assigned to an employee who is responsible for the handling.

osTicket has the following characteristics:

  • ticket system,
  • open source,
  • add your own notes for other employees,
  • automatically send answers on incoming issues,
  • automatic replies to send common questions,
  • employees access based on group or department,
  • issues via e-mail, telephone and websiteformulier entering treatment through one central system.

Download and install one of the versions programs Ticket system for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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