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Enterprise Content Management is the set of processes to content of an organization both internally and externally in a formal way. Since as good as all of the content today is digital, it is obvious that these processes are supported by a good software package.

On this page you will find an overview of free Enterprise Content Management (abbreviated ECM) software.


Alfresco is an open source ECM package. The package is available in two paid versions: Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. The first install itself on a server room, and the two will be maintained on the servers of Alfresco itself. The free version of this software is known as Community Edition.

After the installation, a server room, you can use both your website content and agree to manage as internal documents, sales presentations, invoices, customer profiles, contracts, strategic plans, etc.

This software allows you to gebruikem to all digital documents both internally and externally, easily available and searchable. This is Alfresco is completely ready for all of the devices that employees and/or business partners and customers to use. The system is therefore not only easy to reach on desktop computers, but also on tablets and smartphones.

The ECM package integrates with other popular business software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite, Apple iWork, Google Docs, Liferay, Microsoft Office and Salesforce.

When you click a easy way to become acquainted with Alfresco without the software first to install, then we recommend that you create an account for Alfresco in the Cloud. This version is hosted in the cloud (the servers of Alfresco) and is free up to 10 GB of stored documents.

Alfresco has the following characteristics:


eXo is an open source social enterprise portal, which is not only an internal corporate intranet, but also an external social site set up and can be maintained.

eXo distinguishes itself from many competitors by the very nice design. Each employee can create a profile including a photo, contact details, background and skills. You build your social network by making contact with other employees. Like for example, Facebook then follow each other's activities within your dashboard. Be automatically new contacts proposed on the basis of your current network.

A team can be for projects with a private space to create, among other things, documents, tasks, events, forums, and wikis to be shared. You can choose whether you want such a space want to make public for all of the colleagues or this data is only shared with the persons who are logged in.

eXo is available both as an open source package that you are on a private server room to install and as a web-based service that you and your colleagues can use by signing in with your account name and password. The advantage of the web-based version is that you don't have to worry about maintenance. The open source package has the advantage that all data on their own server space to save and not to a third party need to trust.

eXo has the following characteristics:

  • social network for colleagues,
  • wikis create and manage,
  • forum manage
  • calendar manage and share with colleagues,
  • document management system,
  • web content management system,
  • portal for corporate intranet,
  • FAQ-database maintenance,
  • events create,
  • to-do lists to manage
  • personal dashboard for all employees.

Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS is an ECM program. The software is, since 2004, developed by a Swiss organization.

This software reveals information on both desktop and mobile sites. The system automatically recognizes whether the site visited is a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and there are the pages, then click custom. The content can even be adjusted on the basis of the location of the visitor, the time of the site visits and general user behaviour.

Time-related content can be published automatically on the basis of the day, the week or the season.

Magnolia CMS is used by large organizations such as the U.s. navy (, Atlassian (, Van Lanschot Bankiers (, Thomas Cook ( and VPRO (

Magnolia CMS has the following features:

  • directly to cell sites with different variations online,
  • content quickly and easily edit and publish,
  • pages adapt to the device of the user,
  • content to adapt to the location, the behaviour of the visitor and the time of day.


Liferay is an open source enterprise content management system that is written in Java. The ECM is, since 2000, developed by the eponymous organisation.

The software is widely used for websites and intranets of medium-sized to large organizations.

The content can be adapted to the role a user has linked. This can be a group, an organization, or individual preferences.

Each page can be set by using drag & drop to be adjusted by the user. Also, this widgets and content to his or her personal portal. This portal page can then be kept private or public to be shared.

Through the portal, you can your different systems to merge, and all are available via one login (this solution is also called Single Sign On). Administrators of the system can include user attributes change, add, or remove without the database having to adjust. Examples of these attributes include the name, company name, date, and any other form of information that the system must keep track of.

By default more than thirty languages supported, including Dutch.

Liferay has the following characteristics:

  • content management system for organizations,
  • users can use the portal to personalize and make public or private keep,
  • simple user interface for users of the platform,
  • configuration with a few clicks without the page to reload,
  • elements move around the page using drag & drop,
  • support of OpenSocial what integration with social networks,
  • content on the same URL will automatically adapt to the role, group, organization, and personal preferences of the user.

Download and install one of the versions programs Enterprise Content Management ECM for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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