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Community - and dating websites are popular on the internet. If you own a community or a dating website want to make free software available. You have only a own server space needed. Below is a list of free softwarethat you can download to make a community or a dating site to develop.


HumHub is an open source package that allows anyone to a private social network can install. This network looks after installation insanely beautiful and professional and provides all the features of a social network expected. So you can placing items, files sharing, people on your network, the messages of others like, your personal profile and leave comments.

In addition to all the standard features, you can innovative features added by the modules in the marketplace to download and install. Using these additional modules, you can group the best date to schedule appointments, send SMS messages via the platform, or send you private messages. Many of these modules are free and some are paid.

The software of HumHub close to the need of many people for their personal or business data and not a third party, save in connection with privacy concerns. Due to the modular design connect to other online services that are integrated or can be linked such as Dropbox and Etherpad.

HumHub has the following characteristics:

  • free social network
  • open source license,
  • additional modules download in Marketplace,
  • personal information in v-card to save
  • communicate with other members through spaces,
  • articles and share files,
  • a like or a comment for the article post.


Oxwall is an open source package written in PHP that allows you to a social network on a private server space for you to install. The software makes use of a MySQL database.

All members can create a profile and then messages, photos, videos, and other files with each other share. Ideal when you own a site for your sports club, student society or other network of people who want to set up.

Oxwall has the following characteristics:

  • free social networking websites to set up,
  • open source license,
  • written in PHP, uses MySQL,
  • functionality extendable using plugins,


Elgg is an open source social platform. The free software is suitable to their own social network. After installation on an own server room users can have profiles and participate in discussions.

Elgg is suitable for private use but also to include a private platform for an intranet development.

Elgg has the following characteristics:

  • free social network,
  • platform support for different views (for example iPhone display),
  • to extend through plugins,
  • open source license.


BuddyPress is a free package that allows you to your own social networking site can set up and maintain. BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress, you need WordPress already installed on your own server space in order to make use of BuddyPress.

BuddyPress has many features that are similar to that of Facebook. So you can get an overview of the activities of all connected users, connections with friends, private messages to send to friends and users groups with a specific theme to create. With the help of the software of bbPress, users can also start discussions via a private forum.

BuddyPress has the following characteristics:

  • own social networking site create and maintain
  • plugin for WordPress CMS.


The free osDate application allows you to have a dating website to create and maintain.

osDate supports integration with phpBB and FlashChat, and provides several payment modules.

osDate has the following characteristics:

  • various templates,
  • website statistics,
  • add multiple administrators,
  • SEO search engine optimization opportunities,
  • affiliate system,
  • to assign privileges to users,
  • ad banner module,
  • newsletter features.


Dolphin is a "community builder" which you can use to your own social networking site. This can be both a dating site as another community.

Dolphin Smart Community Builder is open source software and thus free to download. Examples for use of Dolphin are creating an online personal site, a site for your sports club, friends network, a dating site, a fotoratingsite etc.

Dolphin offers the following features:

  • members get a personal blog,
  • user template switcher,
  • speed dating & moderators,
  • drag&drop index,
  • media gallery,
  • MP3-upload,
  • integration with various payment providers (PayPal, 2checkout, ccBill),
  • support different languages,
  • rate for pictures (such as the ever-famous site of Hot or Not),
  • extensive view history,
  • hot list & black list, grade and comment on profiles,
  • friends list, social network,
  • support French, German, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish,
  • affiliate system, members as an affiliate,
  • to customize profiles,
  • members level management.

Download and install one of the versions programs Social network for Windows 10.

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