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You are now no longer strange to look at when you're active on an online dating site. Almost everyone knows someone in his or her environment through this way a partner has been found. With the advent of the smartphone is online dating even more exciting. As a dating app, your location may determine on the basis of the GPS data, you can directly get in touch with singles in your area.

On this page you will find an overview of free dating apps for iPhone and Android.


Tinder is a location-based dating app for your Android smartphone or iPhone.

The app finds other users in your environment that are suspect that you know these and gives you the ability to anonymously "like". When the other person is of their own accord also set your profile to "liked" you are in contact with each other. You can then use within the app and chat with each other and a date.

Tinder has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile dating app,
  • you link anonymously to someone in your immediate vicinity,
  • only connects when the other is also in contact with you to want to come,
  • with integrated chat functionality, suitable for Android and iOS. is a free Dutch dating site.

The site is developed and managed by an enthusiastic group of people and not by a big commercial company. There is, therefore, not tried to you have a paid subscription to sell and since it is a Dutch initiative is the users are all from their own country.

Next to the site there are also free mobile apps offered for Android and iOS. In comparison to the other apps in this list is the functionality of the apps are quite limited. You can't see who is in your neighborhood, for example. However, you can chat, and view photos. it is especially suitable for people who prefer to make use of a service provided by lovers is established and not in need of advanced features. The atmosphere between users is friendlier than many other dating apps. has the following characteristics:

  • Dutch dating site,
  • run by enthusiasts and not by a great commercial organization,
  • suitable for iPhone and Android.


Badoo is one of the first apps that are complete has focused on finding a suitable date on the basis of your location.

According to some messages would the users especially to do are to arrange for a quick erotic appointment. Also would use false profiles to persuade users to a paid subscription. Yet there seem to be plenty of normal users in the Netherlands to be active. Of course you should, just like on any dating site, be vigilant that you don't light up. It is often quite clear to see from the photos used and profielteksten or it is going to be a serious user or not.

In the profile of all users is clearly stated where someone is looking for with the help of an activity. Some users may want to find someone to join going to the movies or to dance. When you create a profile, you can choose from a long list of interests that suit you. Based on this you can see if you at first glance, a good match with someone or not.

Badoo has worldwide a lot of users, so even when you're on vacation, you can using this app to meet some great people.

Badoo has the following characteristics:

  • totally focused on find a date in your area,
  • profile primarily based on favorite activities for a date,
  • available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

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